Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal Restores Lost Engine Power

Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal is a proprietary blend of petroleum additives developed specifically for higher-mileage engines that are suffering from decreased or uneven compression. Compression Repair fills scratches and grooves in cylinder walls to prevent blow-by gases and compression from leaking past the rings and fouling the crankcase oil.

Compression Repair also frees sticky rings to increase compression while reducing friction and wear. Rislone Compression Repair does not contain any lead that could damage the inside of the engine or be burned and contaminate emissions components or the environment. Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal (p/n 4444) works with all petroleum-based motor oils, including conventional, high-mileage and synthetic formulas. It is compatible with any four-stroke gasoline or diesel engine.

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