EngineQuest Camshaft Thrust Plates for Ford and Chevy Vehicles

EngineQuest has introduced new replacement camshaft thrust plates for the aftermarket. With its one-piece steel construction, the EQ Camshaft Thrust Plate secures the camshaft in the block so it always stays centered. It is perfect for replacing worn or missing camshaft retaining thrust plates. All EQ Camshaft Thrust Plates are sold in packs of five, and are available for Chevy 230, 250 or 292 cid engine (EQ Part #CP250N), Pontiac 301, 400 or 455 cid engine (EQ Part #CP301N), Ford 289, 302 or 351W cid engine (EQ Part #CP302N), Chevy 350 cid engine 3.900” tip to tip (EQ Part #CP349N), Chevy 350 cid engine 4.230” tip to tip (EQ Part #CP350N), and Ford 351C/M, 400 or 460 cid engine (EQ Part #CP460N).   

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