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Akebono Brakes OE on 2011 Car of the Year


ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. — Akebono Brake Corp. is proud to announce that their ceramic brake pads are original equipment on the 2011 Motor Trend Car of the Year, the Chevrolet Volt.

“Since Akebono was the originator of ceramic brake-pad technology, we’ve had a reputation of having the smoothest, quietest, cleanest long-lasting brake pads,” said Tommy Rivera, Product Development Director for Akebono North America.

“From the time we entered the Aftermarket in 2000, it was apparent there was a demand for our products. Our OE presence helped us establish our strong leadership in the Aftermarket and we are fortunate to have an innovative R& D department that helps us maintain this position.”

Akebono said it's the only manufacturer to offer application-specific brake pads for each vehicle model. This customization assists in the powerful braking precision demanded by consumers.

Akebono Brake Corp. is a leader in advanced brake and friction material development and production, with a focus on noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) analysis and control.

The Akebono Group operates technical/R&D centers in Japan, the United States and France, with 30 wholly owned or affiliated manufacturing facilities worldwide. Akebono launched U.S. brake sales and production operations in 1980. Worldwide, Akebono employs 6,800 people, with 2,000 in North America.

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