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Bosch Battery Chargers Keep Batteries In Top Charge

Compact, versatile new battery chargers from Bosch can be first aid for that exhausted battery involuntarily parked in the driveway, as well as return or keep automotive batteries in top operating condition. Vehicles today are often equipped with a multitude of battery-stressing, power-robbing accessories such as a GPS navigation unit, high fidelity sound system, and many other electrical conveniences. The intelligent, portable C3 and C7 chargers from Bosch provide-battery charging that is quick, easy and safe, whenever required. These modern, compact battery chargers feature the latest charging technology and self-monitoring function as well as ease of use, and are suitable for all types of lead-acid batteries with voltage ranges of 6/12 Volts with the C3 and 12/24 Volts with the C7.

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