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Affinia Global Brake and Chassis Receives Patent for Raybestos Brand R-300 Performance Rotors


McHENRY, Ill. — Brake Parts Inc., located in McHenry, Ill., has been assigned a patent (D640, 620) for the design of its Raybestos brand R-300 disc brake rotor. Raybestos is a part of the Affinia Group family of brands.

According to Affinia, the newly patented “S-Groove” slot design delivers improved pedal feel and increased pad life. Drivers using the R-300 rotor experience stronger bite without having to sacrifice smooth braking, the company says.

“The unique design of the R-300 maximizes pad to rotor contact to improve pedal feel and reduce brake fade,” said Rick Woodside, director of product development, Raybestos Rotors and Drums. “Since this design also improves out-gassing, the S-Groove slots also help increase pad life by up to 30 percent.”
Brake fade is reduced due to improved out-gassing, and the rotor delivers superior “panic-stop” braking thanks to its high-flow, clog-resistant vane design, according to Affinia. The rotor also is less prone to cracking, a problem that takes place on traditional drilled rotor designs, the company explained.

“The ‘S-Groove’ slot design has been proven on a dynamometer to allow simultaneous out-gassing on both the leading and trailing ends of the friction,” said Woodside. He said that the rapid inward circulation of air moves gases and particulate matter with centrifugal force to the outside of the rotor; allowing for constant escape of harmful heat and gasses.

Listed on the patent is George J. Bielis IV of Ringwood, Ill., William V. Roberts of Crystal Lake, Ill., and Rick Woodside of Lake Geneva, Wis.

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