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SMP Expands Family of Cleen Chemicals


LONG ISLAND CITY, N.Y. —As part of SMP’s new and improved Cleen professional fuel system cleaning program, the company has expanded its family of Cleen Chemicals to include an advanced, heavy duty pour-in-the-tank cleaner, fuel tank flush, an air intake system cleaner and mass air flow sensor and throttle body/plate aerosols. The new line of Cleen Chemicals features high-impact graphics and color-coded packaging for easy identification.

“Our new line of Cleen Chemicals is another example of how SMP continues to look for ways to strengthen our customers’ position in the aftermarket,” said Mike Fitzgerald, vice president marketing. “It’s important to note that Cleen is the only full-coverage injector manufacturer to offer fuel injection cleaning products.”
In addition to the Ultra and Pro Cleen fuel system cleaners designed for use with the New Cleen Fuel System Cleaning Kits, the new family of Cleen Chemicals includes:

• Super Cleen Advanced Fuel Injection Cleaner (CSF104)
• EZ-Pour Cleen Fuel Injection Cleaner (CSF115)
• Fuel Tank Flush (CSF105)
• Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner (CSF107)
• Throttle Plate Cleaner (CSF106)
• Ultra Cleen Professional Air Intake System Cleaner (CSF102)

For more information on the new Cleen Plan, contact an SMP sales representative or visit the website at

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