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TRICO Expands Social Media Presence


ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. – In an effort to further demonstrate its position as a leading authority on visibility and safe driving, Trico Products has launched profiles across a comprehensive suite of social media platforms to better engage with everyday drivers, as well as technicians.

TRICO says its new, active presence on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube not only shares news and information on visibility and safety issues, but also creates a forum for drivers to share their own “moments of truth,” and also offers helpful videos demonstrating the proper installation of wipers, announces promotional offers and engages with prospective employees and business partners.

Consumers, technicians and business associates can now connect with TRICO through the following social media outlets:

TRICO said its presence at these social media outlets will be promoted throughout the company’s communications, including print and online advertising, point-of-purchase displays and on the website.

“Consumers are spending more time on social media than ever before, and they are looking to make personal connections with the brands and products that make a lasting impact on their lives,” said Kevin O’Dowd, global director of marketing, corporate branding and strategy for Trico Products. “We have an obligation to leverage new media technologies and share important information that leads to greater driving visibility and overall safer driving.”

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