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O’Reilly Successfully Completes Amendment to Its Credit Agreement


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — O’Reilly Automotive reports that it successfully completed an amendment to its senior unsecured credit agreement on Friday, Sept. 9. The amendment provides the company with lower interest rate margins on its loans and a lower facility fee applicable to its commitments, extends the maturity of the company’s credit facility and improves the company’s overall capital structure.

“We are excited about the opportunity to amend our unsecured credit facility, taking advantage of the current, positive interest rate environment,” said Tom McFall, executive vice-president of finance and CFO of O’Reilly.

“This amendment will reduce our interest expense related to ongoing commitment fees and will have a positive impact on our vendor financing programs, as we continue to work with our vendors to reduce our net inventory investment. While we have not yet borrowed under the facility, this amendment will also reduce our interest expense on any future borrowings.”

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