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Autolite Introduces Improved Design Revolution HT Spark Plugs


DANBURY, Conn. – In an effort to reduce instances of spark plug breakage during removal from the engine, Autolite recently introduced a redesigned Autolite Revolution HT Spark Plug to its line. The High Thread (HT) design incorporates High-Strength Steel (HSS) technology, which reinforces the spark plug assembly for greater mechanical strength and protection against fractures, according to the company.

“Continual innovation is a cornerstone of Autolite,” said Sean Lyon, Autolite senior product manager. “In redesigning the Autolite Revolution HT plugs, our expert technicians addressed the problem of breakage, often caused by a bonding of the plug’s ground shield to the engine due to combustion deposit build-up. By implementing steel more than 50 percent stronger than what was used in the previous model, the new plugs prevent separation of the shell and ground shield.”

Available in four heat ranges, including HT1, HT1.5, HT2 and HT0 for modified (boosted or nitrous injection) engines, the Autolite Revolution HT spark plugs utilize an improved compressive seal that conducts glass-seal terminations and a carbon-based resistor for greater power. The unique High Thread design also protects against corrosion that can deteriorate spark plugs over time, Autolite says.

“Coupled with the plug modifications, the step-by-step installation and removal instructions available on Autolite’s website not only help to educate installers and counter people, but also ensure the spark plugs will be used and maintained properly,” added Lyon. 

Go to for additional information about Autolite Revolution HT Spark Plugs, including where they can be purchased.

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