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Airtex Wins New Packaging Showcase Award at AAPEX


FAIRFIELD, Ill. —Airtex Fuel Pumps is proud to announce that their new Air Cell Packaging received the AAPEX New Packaging Showcase Award in the “protection” category of this year’s show.

From left: Steve Handschuh, AASA; John Boyer, Airtex; Sharmila Kakac, Airtex; Kathleen Schmatz, AAIA; and Robert Egan, Federal-Mogul Corp.
The inner pack design cushions and protects fuel pumps during shipment. Made from a see-through co-extrusion of low-density polyethylene film and nylon, the protective packaging offers superior air retention to ensure the fuel pump is protected through the supply chain.

Offering a 25 percent savings in shelf space, which enables a broader inventory mix and better space utilization, the new boxes are manufactured with certified fiber sourcing through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative program, according to the company.

“Airtex is dedicated to delivering our customers quality fuel pumps in quality packaging. The air cell design offers protection from point-of-manufacture to point-of-installation,” said John Boyer, Airtex Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The shelf space savings are huge, and a real differentiator for our product line. We’re quite pleased with the feedback we’ve received from customers, and now here from the industry.” 

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