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Are You Trained?

By S. Scott Shriber

S. Scott Shriber
By now, many of you have figured out from some of my references in this column that I have spent time as a counterperson. Yes, it was a while ago but not long enough that I can’t relate to what all of you go through on a daily basis. All I can say is, it was hard enough back then and we did not have nearly as much to juggle as today’s counter professional does. While there is a lot more technology involved, all of it requires learning and adapting to new ways and procedures.

I guess as I look back in retrospect, the only way a counterperson could keep up with all the changes is to keep an open mind and stay trained. Training is the way any of us can stay with the trends and be current on all the vehicle and parts technologies that are out there. I am pretty outspoken on the subject of training.

It is absolutely the only way to stay in the game. Your customers, whether they are DIYers or professional technicians, all look to you to be knowledgeable and helpful when they are looking for repair or parts information. That is the service that any of us who have stood on that counter provide as our value to the chain.

Technology is changing fast behind the counter and even faster on the vehicles themselves. If you are dedicated to training, great! If not, get in the game. A great place to start is the ASE P2 certification.
It is an excellent overview to be sure all of your skills are in line with today’s requirements.

After that, try some tech training supplied by your suppliers or some sales training. All of the associations offer excellent training on about any subject you could think of. Either way, it will make you more effective and your value to your customers that much better.

See you in class.

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