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Here is a good one guys.


Here is a good one guys. 4cyl Volkswagen , for all diag purposes its a 1993 Passat 2.0 9A 16v. Starts up and runs without a problem, not under load, but there is a dead cylinder, #1, under all conditions. Fuel is 60# to the regulator, 3 bar reg. no vacuum leaks on any cylinder. Spark is good with the standard distributor setup, all 4 cylinders sparking strong. COlorTune in cylinder one confirms no fire but a strong spark. Using something such as brake cleaner it will fire a couple cycles with a white flame(lean i guess) and go dark again although the spark plug is wet so it is getting fuel. Timing is running about 25-30 degrees advanced at an idle and up to 35 under acceleration with no load. Valve timing is dead on. So the basics are all there, and three cylinders purr like a kitten, what are some other possibilities to look at?

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