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By S. Scott Shriber

S. Scott Shriber
We here at Counterman are constantly trying to think of new ways to help you, our readers, do your jobs more efficiently and more enjoyably. Normally, we do that through articles that bring new ideas or ways of doing business to your attention. Many times, it’s an idea that another reader has brought to us and we bring it to all of you by way of best practices or a reader profile. I would like to take a few minutes to talk about three new things we are doing this year to help you through your day.

The first thing we are doing is very exciting to all of us here at Counterman. Several weeks ago we launched the Counterman newsletter that goes out every Tuesday and Thursday. Each issue contains news, products and promotions. We promise to deliver you the most up-to-date news and descriptions of products in the market. Equally important will be the timeliest announcements of rebates and incentives around. All this in an easy-to-read format that lets you get your information quickly, right there in your inbox. If we don’t have your email address, go to and use the box in the upper right hand corner to register for this free tool that’s been created exclusively for you.

Another new feature to help you out is the brand new Quest for Cash contest. Every month, there will be 10 questions available to answer on the Counterman website. These questions will be taken directly from the pages of that month’s issue of Counterman. Answer all 10 questions correctly and you are in the drawing for $200, $100 or $50 in prizes. That’s right, every month we will be giving away $350 to contest entrants who enter and answer the questions correctly. It’s fun and a great deal for everyone: read Counterman, get informed and you have a chance at winning cold hard cash. What are you waiting for?

Last is an age-old favorite, Guess the Car. I know a lot of you already know about this one since we get thousands of entries every month. There are still some of you who are new or just have not gotten around to trying a hand in the fun. It is really very simple to do. Look at the Guess the Car image in the magazine and then go to to enter your guess. You can guess as many times as you like and there is a new one every month. All correct winners go into a drawing for $50.

We take the counter professional role here at Counterman very seriously. We know every day you are supplying valuable information to the DIY and DIFM markets. The more information we can provide for you in a timely manner, the better. If we can provide you a little fun while you gather this information, all the better. Please take a moment to sign up for the newsletter and put in a guess on these fun competitions. You may just win some money. Feel free to drop us a line if there is something you would like to see or learn about. Of course, thanks for being a loyal Counterman reader.

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