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Federal-Mogul Introduces Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus Intake Manifold Gaskets

Product designed for leading light truck models used by performance enthusiasts.
SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – Federal-Mogul’s Fel-Pro gaskets brand now offers a solution to potentially expensive intake manifold gasket leaks encountered in a broad range of popular late-model light truck engines commonly used as tow vehicles by performance enthusiasts and sportsman racers.
The brand’s PermaDryPlus intake manifold gaskets feature advanced technologies designed specifically for the aftermarket repair environment, and include Federal-Mogul’s world-class molded rubber formulations, which accommodate all types of coolants and oils, the company says. In addition, each gasket is engineered to resist the destructive forces of thermal expansion/contraction, vibration and electrolysis and features a proprietary fluoroelastomer-encapsulated design that is ideally suited to these engines.
PermaDryPlus premium intake manifold gaskets feature a high-strength aluminized steel edge-molded carrier with self-centering torque limiters that prevent overtorquing during installation, according to Federal-Mogul. In addition, the new gaskets include multiple sealing beads around intake and coolant ports to ensure a long-lasting seal in virtually any situation. The gaskets' steel carrier provides the strength needed to resist cracking and crushing, and the fluoroelastomer encapsulation provides exceptional fluid sealability, the company adds.
“In addition to vacuum leaks, many late-model light truck engines experience coolant leakage at the intake manifold,” said Fel-Pro Performance Gaskets Product Manager Ron Rotunno. “Our premium PermaDryPlus replacement gaskets deliver a trouble-free and durable seal on these applications.”
Fel-Pro offers this premium solution in complete intake manifold gasket sets. These sets also include, where applicable, a Fel-Pro PermaDry molded rubber valve cover gasket and all other parts needed for the sealing repair.

Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus premium intake manifold gasket repair sets are now available for the following light truck engines:
•6.0L GM V8, 1999-2008, VIN “H,” “N,” and “U”
•5.7L GM V8, 1996-2002, VIN “R”
•5.3L GM V8, 1999-2008, VIN “B,” “M,” “P,” “T,” and “Z”
•5.0L GM V8, 1996-2002, VIN “M”
•4.8L GM V8, 1999-2008, VIN “V”
•4.3L GM V6, 1996-2006, VIN “”W” and “X”
•3.9L GM V6, 2006-2008, VIN “R,” “W,” “1,” and “3”
•3.5L GM V6, 2004-2008, VIN “L” and “8”
•3.5L GM V6, 2006-2008, VIN “K” and “N”
•3.4L GM V6, 1996-2005, VIN “E”
•3.4L GM V6, 2004-2008, VIN “F” and “9”     
•3.4L GM V6, 1993-1999, VIN “M”
•5.4L Ford SOHC V8 1997-2008
•4.6L Ford SOHC V8 1997-2004       
•4.2L Ford OHV V6 1997-2004
•4.0L Ford OHV V6 1990-2001
•3.8L Ford OHV V6 1996-2003
For more information regarding Fel-Pro PermaDryPlus intake manifold gaskets, contact your performance parts supplier or visit

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