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I have a 00 mustang 3.8L with 215k miles, just did an overhual, runs great, but it's smoking a lot. Its black smoke, i change fuel filter, checked injectors and fuel regulator and they are in good shape.


its still smoking a lot, what can be causing this? My dad owners his own shop, he has that sea foam injector cleaner and it helped but now its even worse.
Are you sure the ECT (engine coolant temp) sensor is reading correctly? Was
the thermostat re-installed? Low temperature will cause extremely rich
mixture. The ECT overrides oxygen sensor, mass air flow sensor and all other
inputs. Plug in a scan tool and see what the warmed-up temp is and if the
ECM is in closed loop before you do anything else.

Jim O'Neill
Chino Autotech Inc.

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