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Dayco Laser aLINEment Tool Properly Identifies Misaligned Belt Drives, Worn Belts, Belt Tension

The Dayco laser tool utilizes an innovative linear laser, not just a dot.
Dayco’s Belt Diagnostic Kit is designed to include all the tools needed to properly identify misaligned belt drives, worn belts and belt tension. This kit includes Dayco’s new Laser alignment tool with an innovative linear laser light that is specifically engineered to detect both axial (pulley misaligned) and angular (worn bearing) misalignment.

The Dayco laser tool utilizes an innovative linear laser, not just a dot. The kit also includes Dayco’s Belt Tension Gauge, Belt Wear Gauges and an extra battery. The tension gauge measures the amount of tension on an installed belt and is accompanied by a reference chart listing proper tension. The Belt Wear Gauges are designed to measure belt wear on both today’s EPDM and Neoprene Serpentine belts.

The No. 1 complaint today is belt noise. The No. 1 cause for belt noise is misalignment. Belts today are being replaced on vehicles with nearly 100,000 miles and they are not as perfect as they were when new, Dayco says. Today’s mechanics have to contend with slight misalignments and worn components that are difficult to detect. Arming professional technicians with these innovative tools will help save diagnostic time, reduce comeback and improve customer satisfaction.

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