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New Raybestos Brand Low-Frequency Dampers Available Now

Eliminate low-frequency moans, groans and squeals for problem applications, the company says.
MCHENRY, Ill. — For customers experiencing unexplained moans, groans and squeals; technicians can now help them achieve a long lasting, quiet ride in about 60 seconds, Raybestos says.

New low-frequency dampers from Raybestos brakes — a member of the Affinia family of brands — help reduce low frequency noise occurring in the rear calipers of many problem OE applications, the company says. The dampers are currently available for 13 platforms.

The Raybestos low-frequency dampers are designed to dampen out low-frequency noise in the rear caliper, which is inherent to many new vehicle platforms. Low-frequency noise cannot be suppressed using traditional methods like brake grease, pad shims or Quiet Kits (which only work for high-frequency noise), according to Affinia. Raybestos low-frequency dampers are specially tuned to the frequency of specific problem applications to help reduce the low-frequency noise occurring in the rear calipers. 

Raybestos low-frequency dampers incorporate an energy absorbing compound that eliminates low-frequency vibration in the 0-2000Hz range, helping reduce low-frequency noise by absorbing sound and energy. This effective solution suppresses brake noise for years and can be installed in about 60 seconds.

For more information on the Raybestos low-frequency dampers or other Raybestos brand brake or chassis parts, visit or call (800) 323-0354.

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