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Contest: October 2014

What Vehicle Make or Model Does This Represent?

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The winner will be randomly selected from correct entries and awarded $100. Entries must be received by the end of the month. Only one winner will be selected. Chances of winning are dependent upon the number of correct entries received. Employees of Babcox, industry manufacturers and Counterman advertisers are not eligible to enter.
Guess the Car Archives

Contest: September 2014
Answer: Ford C-Max
Winner: Michael Edward
Contest: August 2014
Answer: Mini Cooper Countryman
Winner: Debby Bates
Contest: July 2014
Answer: Saturn Ion
Winner: Congrats to Jason Todd
Answer: Chevrolet Sonic
Winner: Henry Harrison, Portage, Pa.
Contest: May 2014
Answer: Toyota Supra
Winner: Congrats to Chaz Wilkin, Anderson, Ind.
Contest: April 2014
Answer: Pontiac Tempest
Winner: Bill Wash, Powhatan, Va
Contest: March 2014
Answer: Ford Aerostar
Winner: Congrats to Doug Coffman, Harrisonburg, Va.
Answer: Bentley Flying Spur
Winner: Congrats to William McClure, Naples, Texas
Contest: January 2014
Answer: Caprice (Chevrolet)
Winner: Congrats to Randy Eckert, Conroe, Texas
Contest: December 2013
Answer: Chevy Spark
Winner: Edwin Culley, Grove City, Pa.
Contest: November 2013
Answer: Rabbit
Winner: Dustin Shields, Marietta, Ga.
Contest: October 2013
Answer: Delta 88
Winner: Thomas Daniels, Pana, Ill.
Contest: September 2013
Answer: Scion iQ
Winner: Debby Bates, Kenner, La.
Contest: August 2013
Answer: Yukon (GMC)
Winner: Congrats to Sam Demey, Hummelstown, Pa.
Contest: July 2013
Answer: Honda Fit
Winner: Phillip Xayasane
Contest: June 2013
Answer: (Century) Buick
Winner: Congrats to Hugh Stephenson, Belton, Mo.
Contest: May 2013
Answer: Routan (VW)
Winner: Congrats to Dana Colby, Harvest, Ala.
Contest: April 2013
Answer: Mazda Tribute
Winner: Congrats to Bruce Moravec, Marion, Iowa
Contest: March 2013
Answer: Dart
Winner: Jan Prouty, Somersworth, N.H.
Contest: February 2013
Answer: Torrent
Winner: Congrats to Charlie Heiman, Farmington, Minn.
Contest: January 2013
Answer: Rampage
Winner: Donna Moon, Warrenton, Mo.
Answer: TrailBlazer (Chevy)
Winner: Laura Perry
Contest: November 2012
Answer: Dodge Super Bee
Winner: Marc Doiron
Contest: October 2012
Answer: Genesis (Hyundai)
Winner: Anthony Sparacino, Aurora, Colo.
Answer: Equinox (Chevy)
Winner: Congrats to Laura Clemens, Red Wing, Minn.
Contest: August 2012
Answer: Sorento (Kia)
Winner: Congrats to Tom Standerfer, Mt. Vernon, Ill.
Contest: July 2012
Answer: Impala (Chevrolet)
Winner: Congrats to Kirk Walston, Wilson, N.C.
Answer: Sonata (Hyundai)
Winner: Kris Seebach, Marion, Iowa
Contest: May 2012
Answer: Soul
Contest: April 2012
Answer: Juke (Nissan)
Winner: Congrats to Corey Lewis, Red Bank, Tenn.
Answer: Titan (Nissan)
Winner: Congrats to Manuel Manriquez, Salinas, Calif
Contest: February 2012
Answer: Rubicon (Jeep)
Winner: Congrats to Will Madden, Franklin, Tenn.
Contest: January 2012
Answer: Valiant
Winner: Dave Schuppe, Sterling, Colo
Contest: December 2011
Answer: Pathfinder (Nissan)
Winner: Congrats to Jacob M. Hahn, Athens, Tenn
Answer: Sundance (Plymouth)
Winner: Peter Forzani, Gardnerville, Nev.
Answer: Relay (Saturn)
Winner: Congrats to Matt Miller, Louisville, Ky.
Answer: Crossfire
Winner: Congrats to Robert Mason, Belmont, N.C.
Answer: Lucerne
Winner: Congrats to Patrick Lippy, Kelso, Wash.
Contest: July 2011
Answer: Merkur
Winner: Don Maloney, Shelbyville, Tenn.
Answer: Rainier (Buick)
Winner: Congrats to Chad Smith, Bentonville, Ark.
Contest: May 2011
Answer: Borrego (Kia)
Winner: Jessica Renfro
Contest: April 2011
Answer: Cube (Nissan)
Winner: Matt Badger, Brainerd, Minn.
Contest: March 2011
Answer: Tribeca (Subaru)
Winner: Jaime Ayala, Merrill, Ore.
Contest: February 2011
Answer: Audi
Winner: Scotty Craft, Magee, Miss.
Contest: January 2011
Answer: Leaf (Nissan)
Winner: Catie Billeau, New Braunfels, Texas
Contest: December 2010
Contest: November 2010
Answer: Caliber (Dodge)
Winner: Congrats to Chris Bande, San Diego, Calif.
Contest: October 2010
Answer: Cabrio (VW)
Winner: Congrats to Jeremy Miller, Whitwell, Tenn.
Contest: September 2010
Answer: TT (Audi)
Winner: Zachary Austin, Wichita, Kan.
Contest: August 2010
Answer: Navigator
Winner: Preston Young, Fort Smith, Ark.
Answer: Allure
Winner: Karl Meiss, Hermitage, Pa.
Contest: June 2010
Answer: Mirage
Winner: Bob Lee, Detroit Lakes, Minn.
Answer: Edge (Ford)
Winner: Angela Shortnacy, White Settlement, Texas
Contest: April 2010
Answer: Vibe
Winner: Jason Whaley, Seaford, Del.
Contest: February 2010
Answer: Express (Chevy)
Winner: Jason Whaley, Seaford, Del.
Contest: January 2010
Answer: Packard
Winner: Carl Norman, Basehor, Kan.
Contest: December 2009
Answer: Touareg
Winner: Donald Rinier, Lancaster, Pa.
Contest: November 2009
Answer: Tribute
Winner: Jason Dickey, Houston, Texas
Contest: October 2009
Answer: Rambler
Winner: Charlie Dolan, Winchester, Tenn.
Contest: September 2009
Answer: Rendezvous
Winner: Jeremy Miicke, Medford, Wis.
Contest: August 2009
Answer: Camaro
Winner: Carlos Espinosa, Houston, Texas
Contest: July 2009
Answer: Nitro
Winner: Jeff Wiges, Ft. Morgan, Colo
Contest: June 2009
Answer: Focus
Winner: Denisa Brantley, Sandersville, Ga.
Contest: May 2009
Answer: Escort
Winner: Billy Swan, Crossett, Ark.
Contest: April 2009
Answer: Citation
Winner: Hal Rogers, St. Marys, Ga.
Contest: March 2009
Answer: Impulse
Winner: Dave Munson, Hurricane, Utah.
Contest: February 2009
Answer: CR-V
Winner: Ron Novak
Contest: January 2009
Answer: Sidekick
Winner: Amanda Johnson of Nashville, Tenn.
Contest: December 2008
Answer: LeMans
Contest: October/November 2008
Answer: Peugeot
Winner: Brandy Menichini, Sales Associate at Cee-Kay Auto in Moosic, PA
Contest: September 2008
Answer: Isuzu
Winner: Debbie Thorson, Counter pro from OK Automotive WD in Minot, ND.
Contest: August 2008
Answer: Armada
Winner: Johnathan Wentworth, Assistant Store Manager of Barbour Auto Parts in Jackson, Ohio.
Contest: July 2008
Answer: Honda Insight
Winner: Clark Jenkins of Inland Auto Supply in San Bernadino, Calif.
Contest: June 2008
Answer: Edsel
Winner: Steve Marshall, a counter pro at Fisher Auto Parts in St. Paul, Va.!

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