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In The Future, You're Going To Print Automotive Parts
Yes, one day — and people can already do it to a limited extent — parts stores will be able to print the parts a customer wants. Sound outlandish? It's not.
Advance Auto Parts Announces Acquisition Of BWP Distributors
Founded in 1962, BWP is a privately held company that supplies, markets and distributes automotive aftermarket parts and products principally to commercial customers.
VIP Parts, Tires & Service To Sell Its Auto Parts Business To O’Reilly
VIP has been in the auto parts business since 1976, when the first VIP store was opened in Lewiston, Maine.
Autopart International Acquires Steinway Auto Parts
Steinway has provided automotive parts to the commercial market for more than 40 years.
Automotive Distribution Network Joins University Of The Aftermarket Foundation As A Lifetime Trustee
The Network will take an active role on the University of the Aftermarket Foundation Board of Trustees.
Casite Names AutoZone ‘USA 2012 Retailer of the Year’
The honor is given periodically by Casite to recognize exceptional work by its retail partners.
Arnott Opens New Texas Distribution Center
In 2012, Arnott also opened distribution centers in Southern California and Ontario, Canada.
National Performance Warehouse Finalizes Acquisition Of CMA Warehouse In Los Angeles
Prior to the CMA deal, NPW also acquired Karbelt in Canada and Motor Warehouse in Sacramento, Calif.
Spicer Universal Joints To Be Carried By CARQUEST Auto Parts
MAUMEE, Ohio – Dana Holding Corp.’s Spicer brand of universal joints, including Spicer Life Series premium performance universal joints, are now being sold through CARQUEST Auto Parts, an aftermarket distributor of automotive replacement
Parts Plus To Award Spa Getaway/Gourmet Food Experience Through Car Care Center Sweepstakes
Twenty-five first-place winners will receive a 10-piece gourmet cookware set, while each Parts Plus Car Care Center nationwide will be awarding copies of the New American Heart Association Cookbook to their local customers.
Federated Announces ‘Shop of the Year’ Award Program
STAUNTON, Va. – Federated is now accepting nominations for the first Federated “Shop of the Year” award. “Federated is looking to honor a ‘top shop’ that has knowledgeable, professional service technicia
MANN+HUMMEL To Acquire Full Ownership Of Purolator Joint Venture From Bosch
MANN+HUMMEL and Bosch founded the joint venture in 2006 after buying the company from Arvin Meritor.
It's 2013: Has Your Parts Operation Planned For The Coming Year?
In the publishing business, it is imperative that we are planned out a year in advance.
A Good Work Ethic Can Be Taught
Folks do not inherently set out to do a bad job. I honestly believe that. However, folks come to our little "parts world" and find that we do not have it as easy as they think.
Cabin Air: The Unseen Automotive Filter
Close to 90 percent of late-model cars and trucks now come factory-equipped with a cabin air filter, but the original filters in many of these vehicles have never been changed!
Counter-Tech: Don’t Hide — The Online Identity Based Economy Is Here
Join the crowd and make sure you don’t leave your company behind a pseudonym.
Chassis Parts Take A Pounding
The main problems caused by worn chassis parts are things like road noise, steering looseness, road wander or pulling, wheel misalignment and accelerated tire wear.
Reman Caliper 101: The Symptoms Of A Defective Disc Brake Caliper Haven't Changed
During the early 1970s, disassembling the caliper was always frustrating because the caliper pistons were normally rusted into the caliper bore.
Belts Are Need-It-Now Items
The tensioner keeps the belt tight to reduce slippage and wear. But tensioners can weaken, corrode and jam, resulting in belt flutter, slippage and noise. By the time the belt needs to be replaced, chances are the vehicle could also use a new tension...
Radiators Do Double-Duty
As you might suspect, rust and scale build-up inside the radiator tubes seriously reduce the radiator’s ability to dissipate heat into the atmosphere.
Polk Now Accepting Applications For The 2013 Polk Inventory Efficiency Award
All automotive aftermarket companies including manufacturers, retailers and distributors are eligible to apply for consideration.
Engine Control Module: The Brains Of The Operation
The engine control module performs a wide variety of functions that are necessary to operate a vehicle.

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