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Nominate Yourself, Someone Else For Counter Professional Of The Year
I've seen numerous people approach the Counter Professional of the Year and shake their hand or take a photo with them. And each time it happens, I know recipients are thinking the same thing: What I do matters. What I do has value.
Wheel Bearings Bear The Weight Of The Vehicle
If the vehicle happens to be hauling a load or towing a trailer, the work of the wheel bearings is drastically increased.
Not All Brake Friction Materials Are The Same
A large, full-size SUV obviously has different braking requirements than a small economy car. Likewise, a performance car will require a more heat- and wear-resistant type of friction material than your average daily driver.
Oxygen Sensors Are Part Of Engine Management
Most O2 sensors are the switching type that generate a rich or lean voltage signal depending on how much unburned oxygen is in the exhaust. A few, like the "titania" O2 sensors in some older Jeep, Nissan and Toyota applications change resistance to i...
Air Suspension Shocks, Struts & Air Springs
Air suspensions typically provide a smooth, luxury ride while offering the ability to maintain or even change ride height for automatic load leveling. The air suspension may also work in conjunction with electronically-controlled shocks to vary the r...
Universal TPMS Units Fit A Range Of Vehicles
When tires are repaired or replaced, the TPMS sensors also require servicing to maximize the sensors' usable life. This is a similar process to replacing the traditional valve stems on older non-TPMS equipped vehicles.
Wiper Blades Don't Last Forever
Wiper blades don't last forever. Yearly wiper changes are recommended for most vehicles to maintain optimum wiping performance. Vehicles that are parked outdoors in hot climates and are exposed to direct sunlight most of the time may need new blades ...
How Fuel Pumps Work
Most EFI fuel pumps are mounted inside the fuel tank, though some pumps may be mounted outside the tank or be paired with an external pump to push fuel to the engine.
Mounts Keep Things Quiet Under The Hood
A bad transmission mount can create driveline noise when starting out or accelerating, or it may even affect the operation of the clutch or gear shift linkage.
Turbochargers Give Small Engines A Boost
A turbocharger uses waste heat and exhaust flow from the engine to spin a turbine wheel at high speed.
Worn Chassis Parts Are A Safety Issue
Ball joints connect the control arms to the steering knuckles. The original equipment ball joints on most late-model vehicles are sealed and require no maintenance (grease), but that doesn't mean they last forever.
Welcome Competitors, We Are Open For Business
There are those who stick to a generational hand-me-down mantra of not even talking to competitors, not ever, because it will mystically emasculate their business.
There's No Room For BS (Bad Service)
Good customer service is essentially all we have that differentiates us from the competition.
Training Attendance — It's Up To You!
We do know how difficult it is to fill a room with 40-50 (or more) techs for a mechanical training class because we have been there, done that.

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