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As The Led Zeppelin Song Went, 'I'm Gonna Leave You'
How do some people in "customer service" care seemingly not one iota about it?
How Long Should A Brake Job Last?
According to R.L. Polk, in 2012, the average consumer held onto a vehicle for 57 months. This is up from 38 months in 2002. If a customer drives 15,000 miles a year, the customer will accumulate 23,000 more miles before they trade it in.
What Is A Good Parts Specialist Worth?
If the initial training for a parts specialist would cost $3,000 and increase their performance, it would still equate to a $2,000 savings from that of a technician. Maybe our perspective should shift from what we are doing, to what we are not doing.
Don’t Overlook Brake Hardware
Don’t Overlook Brake Hardware
New brake hardware is recommended for high-mileage vehicles when the brakes are re-lined.
Fuel Filters Fight Contamination
A plugged fuel filter will restrict fuel flow to the engine. The drop in pressure may not be noticeable at idle, but as engine speed goes up, there may be a significant drop in pressure and a decrease in flow.
The Inner Workings Of Fuel Injectors
The only cure for a dead, leaky or defective injector is to replace it with a new or remanufactured injector.
Motor Oil Is A Changin'
The increased emphasis on fuel economy means today’s oils are thinner and contain more friction modifiers and viscosity extender additives.
A Quick Review Of Ball Joint, Tie Rod Sales
Wear in the load-bearing ball joint is measured in thousandths of an inch vertical and horizontal play.
All In The Timing
Because their remaining service life is difficult to estimate, timing belts must be replaced at specific mileage intervals to prevent failure.
Many Of Us Have The Talent To Bring More To An Organization
If you have ideas, present them. All they can say is no!
Taipei, Taiwan, Site Of Unique Four-in-One Automotive, Motorcycle Shows
Taipei, Taiwan, Site Of Unique Four-in-One Automotive, Motorcycle Shows
TAITRA officials say the combined AMPA and AutoTronics shows were expected to attract 6,500 buyers and generate more than $1.3 billion in business. This year marks the 29th AMPA show and eighth AutoTronics show.
Are You Ready For This?
This is all really great stuff and it is aimed at one thing — our safety.
Excellent Customer Service: Easier Than You Think
We continually talk about the customer, when does customer service end? Obviously never.
DTFM: Deliver This For Me
In a radical plan, Walmart will ask some of its customers to sign up to deliver online orders in exchange for discounts on the stuff they came to the store to buy; customers will drop the online orders off on their way back to their homes.

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