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Don't Let Unperformed Maintenance Slip Away
Unperformed maintenance was at $50 billion in the late 1990s, up to $67 billion in 2011, according to the 2013 Automotive Aftermarket Status Report published by the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA).
Executive Interview With Jayson Keever, Vice President Of Global Marketing, NUCAP
Executive Interview With Jayson Keever, Vice President Of Global Marketing, NUCAP
This AMN Executive Interview by Editor Amy Antenora features Jayson Keever, VP of global marketing for Toronto, Canada-based NUCAP Industries. In the interview, Keever brings us up to speed on exciting changes taking place at the company, including t...
Is a new refrigerant going to replace R-134a?
HFO-1234yf is slightly flammable, and crash tests by Daimler (Mercedes-Benz) found that HFO-1234yf might create a fire hazard in an accident.
Do car batteries require any maintenance?
Acid should NEVER be added to a battery that has been in service because it contains all the acid it needs. Adding additional acid will not rejuvenate an aging or sulfated battery.
When should hoses be replaced?
One of the most common hose failures is when a radiator or heater hose springs a leak.
How much impact do worn chassis parts have on tire wear?
As a rule, tie rod ends should have no visible play. If one tie rod end is obviously bad, it's often a good idea to replace both at the same time (or all four if the vehicle has a recirculating ball steering linkage) because all have the same mileage...
How often do air filters, oil filters and fuel filters need to be changed?
A recent Car Car Council survey found that 23 percent of vehicles inspected (nearly one out of four!) had a dirty air filter that was overdue for replacement.
How do you choose the 'best' friction pads for a vehicle?
The best advice is to follow the friction recommendations provided by the brake manufacturer. Most brake suppliers offer a range of specially formulated friction materials in their product lines.
Why are fuel pumps so often misdiagnosed?
Sometimes a fuel pump will run but not spin fast enough to develop normal fuel pressure. This may cause hard starting and poor engine performance.
What’s the difference between economy, standard and premium rotors?
Good brakes are essential for safe driving. One of the key components in a disc brake system is the rotor.
Which type of replacement spark plugs should you recommend?
The type of spark plug that works best in a given application depends in part on the design of the ignition system.
How do you fix an air ride suspension that has gone flat?
If an air spring or air shock develops a leak (which most do after many years of service), the air spring or shock can’t hold pressure. It will leak and eventually go flat.
Is it necessary to replace all of the TPMS sensors when a vehicle needs new tires?
The lithium ion batteries inside TPMS sensors may last anywhere from five to 10 years. Five to six years is a more typical lifespan for older TPMS sensors.
How long should sealed wheel bearings last?
Wheel bearing cartridges and hubs are sealed and lubed for life so no maintenance is required. But if a vehicle is driven though hub deep water or mud, contaminants may get past the seals and enter the bearing.
Should Wipers Be Replaced Yearly?
A recent Car Care Council survey found that 16 percent of vehicles inspected had worn, damaged or missing wiper blades, and 23 percent (almost one out of four!) had little or no windshield washer fluid in their reservoirs.
Sealed Wheel Bearing Hub Assemblies Have Become Standard
Sealed Wheel Bearing Hub Assemblies Have Become Standard
In four-wheel, all-wheel and front-wheel drive applications, the wheel bearing hub assembly is made with two opposing bearings, and with the inner bearing races pressed onto a splined hub that slips over the splined axle shaft.
Mechanic Connection: Drums And Rotors
Mechanic Connection: Drums And Rotors
Clean and distortion-free mounting surfaces at the hub/rotor interface are required for good brake rotor performance.
Sometimes Business Ideas Aren't Ready For Primetime
Everyone needs plan. Every company needs a plan. The company’s goal is to keep its initiative moving forward and within the plan that has been designed.
Do You Know What You Do Well?
It seems like such a simple question to answer, but in reality, it's probably one of the most difficult. The only one harder is the really important one: "Do you know and are you willing to admit to what you don’t do well?"
Is It The End Of Retail? (As We Know It?)
Mixing some of what we have learned online with the efforts from our fantastic team of peers who formulate our company's ecommerce strategy, we have created a rewarding experience for thousands of customers who support our ecommerce platform.
The Value Of Employee Training
We shop in a good number of jobber stores, sometimes independent, big box or chain locations many times just to see what level of customer service is present and how or where improvements can be made.

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