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Make A Date With AAPEX
If you've never attended AAPEX, make this year your first.
Fuel Pumps Need To Be Replaced Sooner Or Later
Fuel Pumps Need To Be Replaced Sooner Or Later
Some pumps last as long as the car itself but most have to be replaced sooner or later for a variety of reasons.
Ball Joints Critical To Steering, Suspension
On some of these unitized control arm applications, it is possible to replace the joint separately even though the control arm was not designed that way.
The ABCs (and BAROs) Of Engine Management Systems
Engine management systems are programmed for specific vehicle applications, and sometimes even the sensors for the same year/make/model may vary depending on the engine or transmission used, the state where the vehicle is registered or the emission s...
A/C Compressors Take A Pounding
A/C Compressors Take A Pounding
If an A/C system is found to contain sludge or black gunk, it means everything in the system is contaminated and must either be cleaned or replaced.
Strutting Their Stuff
Strutting Their Stuff
A modern strut consists of the strut housing, shock absorber, coil spring, upper support bearing, dust boot and rebound bumper.
Fuel Additives Can Prevent, Remedy Many Fuel Delivery System Issues
Most of these fuel additives will fall into seven basic categories.
TPMS UPDATE: No Spare, No Problem
In addition to technical improvements that have made flats less likely, TPMS provides drivers with warnings of low air pressure, leaks and punctures.
Tabs, Not Apps, To Sell More Auto Parts
The ability to open multiple tabs in a browser allows users to multi-task at levels never seen before on our counters.
You Have No Time For That?
When I consider all the questions and answers and study it takes to stay-up-to-date with the ever-changing climate of our chosen profession, it becomes clear that we overlook the one thing that we all have to offer.
Why Didn’t I Think Of That?
Why Didn’t I Think Of That?
The next time you are faced with a situation that requires some ingenuity, stop and ask yourself, can I solve this?
Have You Ever Been Suspended By A Repair Shop?
We generally feel that our businesses function well and we service our commercial customers perfectly 99 percent of the time. Yet, we have always wondered why they seem only to remember that 1 percent of the time where everything does not go as plann...

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