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Meet Raymond Guffey III
Meet Raymond Guffey III
Guffey is Counterman's 2013 Counter Professional of the Year, sponsored By Affinia Group Inc., Raybestos Chassis and WIX Filters.
ACHIEVE: Can You Do It?
How much do we really know about our jobs and the real goals and objectives of the day, week, month and year? Do we ever try to catch someone doing something right? Do our reprimands go so far that they are like a beat-down of sorts?
It's Human Nature To Worry About Change
Over my years in the automotive sector, I have experienced a lot of change. Some at the macro level and some at the close-to-home perspective. In the long run, most of it has been positive. Of course, life would dictate that some of it was not. That'...
Coolant Doesn't Last Forever
The condition of the coolant can be checked periodically with test strips that change color in response to chemical changes in the coolant.
Brake Rotors Should Be Replaced In Pairs
Rotors must be replaced if they are cracked, damaged, worn to minimum thickness specifications or cannot be resurfaced without exceeding the discard or minimum service thickness marked on the rotor.
Today's Electronics Place High Loads On Batteries
Today's electronics-laden vehicles place high loads on the battery, even when the key is off.
Air And Oil Filter Change Intervals Depend On Use
Back in the day when most motorists changed their oil every 3,000 miles or three months, and engines were equipped with quart-sized filters, some penny pinchers only replaced their oil filters at every other oil change.
Fan-tastical Tech
The 2013 World Series has made me realize something I suspected all along: The Internet is about people. What good is a blog without people who read it?
When Selling Hoses, Always Consult Cataloging For Recommendations
To withstand extreme temperatures, most modern coolant hoses are now made from ethylene propylene (EPDM rubber, which can endure operating temperatures ranging from -40 to +275 degrees F.

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