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Would You Appreciate Receiving An Email That Begins, 'Really???'
Most of what we convey in conversing with someone, say, in person, is done through non-verbal communication and cues. Strip away all of that and try to have a conversation only through words in an email and you run the risk of the electronic version ...
What's Hot In Exhaust?
What's Hot In Exhaust?
Though most mufflers and pipes are not replaced until they rot out or are dragging under a vehicle, others are candidates for replacement as soon as a new or used vehicle is purchased. We're talking about performance mufflers and cat-back exhaust sys...
Gaskets Don't  Last Forever
Gaskets Don't Last Forever
Oil leaks are a common problem with high-mileage engines regardless of the year, make or model of vehicle.
Ignition Wires Are Designed To Last
Ignition Wires Are Designed To Last
Aftermarket spark plug wire sets are available in a range of styles and prices.
High-Tech Lighting Tips
High-Tech Lighting Tips
An upgrade option for motorists who do a lot of nighttime driving or applications where replacing the headlamps is difficult would be "long life" replacement bulbs.
Reman Calipers: Changes In Modern Brake Service
Reman Calipers: Changes In Modern Brake Service
Since the disc brake caliper has the least number of moving parts of any major brake system component, it should be the most reliable.
Radiators: Cooling System Operation
Radiators: Cooling System Operation
To remove the heat of combustion, the engine’s cylinders are immersed in a coolant mixture that is typically circulated through the engine and radiator by an engine-driven water pump.
Let's Make Some Goals For 2014
Depending upon your organization, the goal may be different. If you work for a big box store, it is good for you to have goals and objectives. If you are in a small independent store, it is imperative.
The Song Remains The Same
In this job, I'm asked to travel a fair amount, and I often find myself in different locations around our great nation.
The Mad Rush To Secure Mobile Apps In The Automotive Aftermarket
A detailed search of Apple's iOS app store for the term "auto parts" now yields more than 250 apps available for download for both iPhones and iPads.
When A Shop Closes
Recently, two shops closed near one of our former stores and we would like to take a look at their stories. The first was in business for 40 years. Not a bad run you might think, but there was no happy ending here.

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