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Have You Ever Asked, 'Who Is In Authority Here?'
If two or more employees, when questioned, point to the same person above them as the arbiter of all things customer-related, you've probably identified a flawed organization.
Fuel Pumps Come In Different Varieties
Fuel Pumps Come In Different Varieties
Most original equipment electric fuel pumps are mounted inside the fuel tank. Submerging the pump in gasoline quiets the pump and allows the fuel to cool and lubricate the pump. This is very important because most electric fuel pumps spin at high spe...
Late-Model Vehicles Place High Demands On Batteries
Late-Model Vehicles Place High Demands On Batteries
Late-model vehicles are loaded with electronics that place increased demands on the battery and charging system.
Remember Brake Hardware When Making A Sale
On vehicles that have disc/drum brake systems, the front disc brakes do most of the work.
Motor Oils - More Changes Are On The Way
It's important to know that many automakers have developed, and will continue to develop, their own oil quality and performance standards.
Ball Joints And Tie Rod Ends Are Important Safety Components
Ball Joints And Tie Rod Ends Are Important Safety Components
It's important for all parts and service professionals to emphasize safety when selling steering linkage parts.
Rack And Pinion Unit Repairs
The function of any steering gear is to transform the circular motion of the steering wheel into the linear motion needed to steer the front wheels right and left.
Variable Valve Timing Sales Should Increase
Variable Valve Timing Sales Should Increase
Gary Goms illustrates the many issues facing parts professionals on vehicles equipped with variable valve timing.
Friction: Say Hello To Low-Copper Pads
Brake manufacturers that have been using copper in their friction materials have developed new, low-copper and copper-free brake pads. Most brake manufacturers are way ahead of the deadline and have already introduced their new reduced copper product...
Motor Mounts Tamp Down Vibration
Although the motor mounts on many vehicles are the relatively simple solid rubber and steel mounts, many import cars and luxury vehicles use liquid-filled "hydromounts" to minimize NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness).
Technology That Makes Us Look Like Magicians
At a time when the world is embracing the "Internet of Things," with "dumb" appliances getting smart, it's great to see the un-exciting vehicle license plate stepping into the tech limelight.
We're Not Unlike NASCAR
When I arrived, I was immediately struck with the level of cleanliness and professionalism that permeated the operation. Organization and logical shop flow was very apparent. Each area was designated for a specific task and each area was spotless. An...

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