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I have a ford f250 77.3 desiel and fuel is getting in the cooling system. What may have caused this and what can I do to correct the problem?
Impeltronics Offers The Extendable Magnetic Flashlight
I have a 2005 gmc 2500 hd v8 6.0. Mechanic is installing a computer. Control module.
If You're Sitting, Try Standing. If Standing, Do The Reverse.
I had a customer come in over the weekend. He had a 2000 Ford Ranger, 4wd.
ITM Offers The Uni-sensor Programmable TPMS System
It’s The Details That Matter
Ignition Wires Are Designed To Last
IDUSA Launches New Premium Guard Extended Life Oil Filter
It's A New Year. Here Are Some Calendar Apps To Track It.
It's Human Nature To Worry About Change
Innovative National Unitized Axle Shaft Seal Permits Faster, Easier Installation On Ford Super Duty 4x4 Trucks
Ideal Offers IDEAL-TRIDON Brand Non-Perforated Hose Clamps
Is It The End Of Retail? (As We Know It?)
Is it necessary to replace all of the TPMS sensors when a vehicle needs new tires?
Is a new refrigerant going to replace R-134a?
I have to export your AC Delco Car Wash Shampoo to Japan.
I'm Lost. Show Me The Waze
I have replaced the front rotors on the f250 ford PICK-UP.
i have a 94 dodge stealth base 3.0 sohc, the vehicle does not always start when i turn the key but if i continually turn the key over it eventually starts.
Ignition Wires Are Made To Last
ITW Global Brands Introduces Nine New Car Care And Maintenance Products
It's 2013: Has Your Parts Operation Planned For The Coming Year?
In The Future, You're Going To Print Automotive Parts
I have a 93' Buick Roadmaster V8 350
I have a customer that is constantly giving me the wrong vehicle information and blaming me for sending the wrong parts. What can I say to him that won't upset him?
Increased Transfer Case Motor Coverage From CARDONE
Introducing Exide Edge Flat Plate AGM Batteries with SureLife Graphite Technology
Intermotor Import Wire Sets
I have a 2001 Chevy Malibu 3.1 Base
It Really Is All About Service
Injectronic Launches CJTalk Speaking Scan Tool
Ingersoll Rand Offers Battery Rebate
I have a 95 jeep grand cherokee I put in a new motor and
INA Expands Tensioner Coverage For Asian Nameplate Applications
I have a 2007 pontiac grand prix gxp. When I apply the brakes it makes a horrible high pitch squeal. I replaced the pads rotors and put anti squeal on the rotors as well.
I had one of the sprayers for my washer fluid stop working. When i try to spray the washer fluid only dribbles out on the one side. Any suggestions?
i have a 1987 ranger stx 2.9L 4x4 and i have the crapola autohubs. i have done everything to fix them such as replace the cam and clean hub body.
I have 91 4runner V6 3.0 4x4, the shifter is loose and the key does not come out of the ignition, does not turn back all the way, Is the shifter bad or just some bushings?
Internet AutoParts Recognized As Preferred Partner For O’Reilly Auto Parts
Innova Debuts Pro Carscan Line Of Tools
I have a 2006 Chevy Monte Carlo. When I move the Knob Indicator from Closed Vent to Open Vent it begins to make a clicking sound behind the dash. It does this for 30 seconds then goes away. What might it be?
I have a '98 Jeep Cherokee. The rear hatch door is stuck closed.
i have a 1987 ford ranger STX with 74k original miles (2.9L FI 4 spd manual) with dana 28 TTB front axle and yes, i have automatic hubs.
I have a 00 mustang 3.8L with 215k miles, just did an overhual, runs great, but it's smoking a lot. Its black smoke, i change fuel filter, checked injectors and fuel regulator and they are in good shape.
i have a 2003 Dodge Dakota v6 2wd. It was listed at the dealer as having rear wheel ABS. I just finished a rear disc r&r and did not see any sensor rings. How does the ABS work or does it not have ABS at all?
I have a '97 Monte Carlo and when I press the brakes to stop, it does this weird wobble-type thing.
i have a 94 deville caddie when i get up to the speed 40 my front end shakes when i let off the gas it stop
I have a 2000 mountianeer AWD and if i park it on a hill it will roll down. at first it only did it if the rear of my truck faced down hill now it doesnt matter what end faces down. i have checked all the linkage and it is all tight.
In the News: California Tries To Curtail Oil Changes
I’ll Stick To A Human Counterpro
I have a 89 Toyota 2wd pickup that has a rough idle. I checked for any vaccume leaks and couldnt find any. My next guess was that something wasnt sealed right, but stil couldnt find anything wrong.
i have a 94 deville caddie when i get up to the speed 40 my front end shakes when i let off the gas it stop
i have a 2004 Jeep Wrangler that has a bad "death wobble" at 50mph,i have changed the track bar and the wheel bearings and tie rods seem tight,i have also changed and balanced the front tires,any ideas?
I have a 05 Dodge caravan and I was wondering if its bad on the transmission to start the van and let it warm up.
I have a 2003 mercury grand marquis. The lights will go out when I am drving at night. After I turn the vehicle off for about five minutes they come back on. Where could I start to solve this problem?
is it better to follow the "change oil" light on the dash or to follow the usual 3 month/3000 mile oil change routine?
I work for a Napa parts store and me and one of the other employees are having a debate on what the difference is between remanufactured and Rebuilt Parts.
I have a customer with a 2004 Hyunda sonata 4cyl. It will not go over 30 mph at around 3000 rpm.
I have a 97 camaro and it wont crank at all now.
I have a nissan Altima 2001 that when im at a red light the motor starts acting like a miss. i can put it in neutral and the missing subsides. It doesn't do anything while driving down the road.. It acts fine. What are some thoughts on this?
I have a 2001 Chevy Astro van w/a 4.3L. I can smell that rotten egg smell after driving and I know that means one of my cats are bad.
I have a '95 Chevy Blazer S10 and the turn signal works intermintently
I have a '96 GMC Jimmy 4.3. I put a new fuel pump and tank in; also, a new cap and rotor. When it's cold, it won't start.
I have a 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 3.9 auto trans, 2wd. I recently replaced the plugs wires cap and rotor. It is still misfiring and I can't seem to figure out why.
I am thinking about replacing the rear brake pads on my 2006 Ford Mustang. Is this something that I could do myself with "a little " auto experience?
I have a 1988 F-150 with 302 engine. Vehicle would run fine for about 15 miles then shut down, no fire.
I have a 2003 Dodge Dakota, 3.9, auto, 2wd. The check engine light is on and when I scan it it says I have a "check sum error."
I have a 2008 saturn vue with a 2.4l engine that is losing anti freeze cant see any leaks when pressure test. The oil is not over full and it does not seam to be burning it either.
I have a 2000 Chevy Blazer ZR2 2 door. My problem is that the heat is always on even when the dial is turned to off.
I have an '04 Ford F-150 with the 5.4l and the trans seems to slip and make a popping noise when trying to accelerate. What could that be?
I have a 2006 Ford Focus 2.0l DOHC. At low speeds or when I slow down it kills the engine. I then can restart it. It only does it at low speed or idle it jerks and misses then dies. Any suggestions?
I have a 2001 Grand Marquis and my heater is blowing cold air.
I have a GM fluid #12378514. Do you know if that fluid is compatible with any O'Reilly product?
I have a 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier. My cruise control rarely works. When it does, I can't use the blinkers or it will shut off. What might the problem be? The blinkers work just fine. It's just my cruise control is messed up.
I have a '97 Dodge Neon and my speedo has a problem. When i hit a bump it works, or if it's really warm outside and I've ran it for a bit, it will work.
In the summertime, my car locks and unlocks itself. It's a '96 Taurus. For instance, if I lock my car, it will keep unlocking itself. It does it as I'm driving, too!
I have an 2007 Mustang GT. It acts like it has a miss at low steady speeds. It feels more like it surges at higher speeds.
I have a 2001 Grand Marquis and my heater is blowing cold air.
I have a 2006 Dodge Dakota with a 4.7 and it has the check engine light on and when i put it on the scanner it says oxygen sensor bank 2 sensor 1. We have replaced it twice. Could there be something causing the sensor to be putting a code on?
I have a '97 Chevy 1500 with a 5.0l. When I'm driving, the truck pulls to the right.
I have a '93 Cavalier that I've recently done a few improvements on; namely replacing the heater core and the fuel filter.
I have a '95 Ford Explorer 4.0.
I have a '95 Ford Explorer 4.0.
I have a 2000 Ford Ranger 2.5 and the A/C vent loses air at the vents and it goes to the defrost when you take off. When you stop it goes back to the vents? Any ideas?
I have a '71 Dodge Charger with the 318 engine and single points. I would like to convert to electronic ignition system. Do I need the ignition module or just the conversion kit?
In the summertime, my car locks and unlocks itself.
I have an 2007 Mustang GT. It acts like it has a miss at low steady speeds.
I have a 2001 Grand Marquis and my heater is blowing cold air.
I have a 2006 Dodge Dakota with a 4.7 and it has the check engine light on and when i put it on the scanner it says oxygen sensor bank 2 sensor 1. We have replaced it twice. Could there be something causing the sensor to be putting a code on?
It's Been A Real Disaster
It All Starts With Us
Innovative TRICO InSites Program Uses SmartPhone Technology to Simplify Wiper Selection and Promote Retail Sales
I have a 1999 Honda Civic 1.6 SOHC and once in a while it will overheat while idling. It will do that on and off for a day or two. Could it be the thermostat?
Industry-Wide Product Attribute Project Is Initiated by AAIA
Integrated Supply Network Selects Virtual Inventory Cloud Solution from GCommerce
Interview With Federal-Mogul CEO José Maria Alapont
ISN Forms Strategic Alliance with Hatala Systems Group
IDEAL Industries Acquires SK Hand Tools
I have a 2003 Chevy Tahoe. When I drive it for some miles, you can hear a squeaking noise coming from the right rear tire. When I brake, the noise stops. Checked the emergency brakes and those are fine.
I have a ‘99 ram 1500. The radio will not turn on. When turning the knob, you can hear a click. Also the clock is not working, but when the lights are on, the entire radio cluster around it lights up. Any suggestions?
I have a 1993 Toyota Tercel 4-speed manual, basic package, in other words, no A/C or power steering. It had started shuddering and acting as if there wasn’t enough fuel getting to the engine. I’ve had a recent tune-up.
I have a ‘94 Chevy S10 Blazer, VIN code W. It starts to lope if I let it idle for a while. I put a new spider and checked for any leaks. Any help would be nice. Thank you!
I have a ‘95 Blazer. When it gets warm, it stalls. When it cools down, it runs fine. I replaced fuel pump, ignition control module, did a complete tune-up, pick up coil.
I have a 1999 Chevy Z71 with 5.3 and it’s starting to burn a lot of gas.
I have a 2004 Mercury Sable 3.0 OHM. It runs fine until you turn on the A/C. What’s up with that?
IMR Releases Replacement Rate Data Mapped to ACES Codes
Integrated Supply Network Partners with Autologue to Offer Next-Day Delivery
Integrated Supply Network (ISN) Partners With Autologue
I have a 1998 Cavalier with a manual transmission with 94,000 miles on it. I want to replace the timing components chain, gears, the works. Is this a job for an average Joe or should a shop take care of it? And what about replacing the clutch?
I have a 1999 Z71 with the 5.3. On cold morning starts, it’s hesitant and you have to really mash on the gas pedal to go. I was wondering if this is a common problem?
I own an ‘05 Chevy 1500 pickup truck. The trans takes a Dextron III. Can I put in a synthetic fluid like Mercon V or similar?
I have a 2002 Ford Mustang with an automatic transmission. When I go to put in gear from park the button on the shifter is extremely hard to push in and therefore, difficult to get out of park.
I have a 1982 Chevy Camaro. The rear driver’s side wheel keeps locking up. I have replaced the master cylinder and the wheel cylinder but it still does it. What could it be?
I have a 2005 KIA Sorrento that’s hard to start in the morning but runs fine after it runs for awhile.
I have a 2006 Ford F-250 diesel 6.0 LT. I have put a Bullydog tuning chip and a K&N cold air intake system on it and I still only get perhaps 12 mpg. How can I get better mileage?
I have a 2000 Chevy impala and when my car is in park it shakes a little bit. What could that be?
I have a 2006 Ford Focus and when I turn the heater on defrost I hear a high-pitched squeal by the passenger floor board. When I tap it, it stops. What could cause that?
I have a 2005 Chevy 1500 pickup truck. The trans takes a Dexron-III. Can I put in a synthetic fluid like Mercon-V or similar?
Illumaware Becomes OptiCat TeamDIO Member
Icas, GCommerce Offer Joint EDI Solution
Is This As Good As the Automotive Aftermarket Gets?
I have a 2003 Ford F-150, 5.4 v8, with 160,000 miles. I have used Motorcraft 5-20w semi-synthetic oil since new.
I have a 1990 Ford Mustang LX and while I'm driving the car, a little bit of smoke comes out of the vents while the car is running. What could cause smoke to come out of the vents?
I have a 1988 Nova, four-wheel disc.
I have an ‘02 Hyundai Elantra.
I have been trying to help a customer on an ‘86 Jeep CJ. Every part I try to get for him is not listed correctly. Is there a rule of thumb to go by for them or are they just so rare they are hard to find?
I have a 1998 Chevy truck with a 350 Vortex. It cuts out when I give it gas and it backfires through the throttle body. What could be causing this?
I have an ‘02 GMC Sonoma 4.3 crew cab 4x4.
I know the old standard Ford oil filter fits many Toyota engines, but are there any known problems using this filter on these motors?
I have a 2001 Olsmobile Alero 3.4 V6. The heater only blows hot air when under acceleration or cruising at highway speed.
I have a 1989 carb/man Honda Accord that throttle surges up to 2,000 and then back to almost stall while sitting still. Does this most of the time and when it doesnt it runs a little rough but no lack of power.
ITM Engine Components Releases 2010 Import Catalog
It’s Your Money — Go Get It
I have a 1998 F150 with 5.4 and the heater will not blow hot air and the temp gauge never gets above normal. I have changed thermostats and flushed the cooling system. The heater will not blow hot air, not even after a 100-mile drive.
I have a 2000 Toyota Tundra. When I go down the road at about 45 or 50 mph and then slow down the truck, it starts shaking badly. But it doesn't do it every time. I have changed the tires, brakes and rotors. Any idea what it could be?
I have a '99 Nissan Maxima. When I drive it around the city, it's fine and there's no smoke. But when I get on the freeway and drive for about 45 minutes to an hour, the car will begin puffing white smoke for two to three minutes and then stop.
I have an '89 Toyota Corolla SR-5 with electrical problems. The battery/brake light stays on except after 5,000 rpms. Any clue how to turn it off permanently?
I have a '93 Olds 98 with a 3.8-liter and no fuel coming out of the injectors. I've changed several fuses and they keep popping as soon as the key is turned. What could be the cause?
I have an '06 Mitsubishi Raider and sometimes — and it doesn't really matter the speed — when I press the brakes my truck starts shaking a lot. Could the rotors be warped?
I have a 2003 Dodge Dakota.
I have a 95 Mazda Protege and the A/C only blows cool and not cold when the car is in motion. When the car is still it blows hot air. What could this mean?
I've got a '93 Honda Accord while sitting at red light, or just ideling in the driveway, the steering wheel shakes quite hard. I've been up, down, in, and out of the column and yet I can't figure out what's going on. Any advice?
I have a 98 Cavalier. I bought it with a bad timing chain, put a new timing chain and tensioner on it, and before it quit running, it was making a noise that sounded like the timing chain did when I bought it.
I have a 1988 Chevrolet Caprice. My front tires rub the inside of the fender when I turn the wheels sharply. I've had the front suspension looked at and was told everything was fine. Any suggestions?
I have a '98 Ford Mustang 6. When on an incline it jerks, like a miss.
I have an '03 Cobra S/C, made minor modifications to the blower pulley, air intake and exhaust. Do i need to have my ecu re-progammed?
I have a 96 Chevy S-10 Blazer. I have new tire and new front end parts. My truck wanders at 55 or above. Any suggestions?
I have a 1986 GMC 1/2 ton pickup truck. When I turn the steering wheel I hear a slight popping noise. Could it be either my ball joints or the tie rod ends?
I have a '91 Civic DX 1.5L manual trans. It has a check engine light on.
I have a 1996 Ford F-350 dual rear wheel 2-wheel drive 4-door diesel 5-speed that pulls to the right.
I work for a local parts jobber and I am interested in knowing if there is a industry standard benchmark for parts sales per employee for the aftermarket auto parts industry?
I have a 2001 Chevy S-10 4.3l and have recently put an entire tune-up and new OE fuel pump and I have fuel, spark, and air but no fire. The truck will turn over to beat the band but won't start. Got any ideas?
I have a 2000 Honda Civic and sometimes when it sits a few days before I drive it, it seems to stick. I was wondering if it would be a wheel bearing?
I have a 1999 Dodge Avenger with the check engine light on. Code comes back with emissions gross leak. I changed the gas cap and reset code but came back on. I don’t see any gas leaking on the ground either. Any suggestions?
I have a 1999 Nissan Sentra and the check engine light comes on and goes off constantly.
I have a 1972 VW Beetle. Where could I find the raditor?
I have a 2002 Chevy Blazer, 4.3L vetch. Anytime I’m in park or mainly neutral, my gas gauge goes crazy. If I even touch the gas pedal, I lose a minimum of a quarter tank. Why is that and what can I do to solve this issue?
I have a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer and I am having a problem with it dying when I stop at red lights. We have already changed everything dealing with fuel and fire, and there is no check engine light.
I have a ‘98 Chevy pickup with the 4.3l automatic transmission.
I have a ‘96 Blazer. The fuel pump has been replaced as well as the fuel pressure regulator and it still stalls as if it weren’t getting enough air or fuel. What could the problem be?
I have a ‘97 Pontiac Grand prix 3.8 with cast iron heads. Will a warped head cause water to get into the cylinder?
If my car's check engine light is on and the plug on the oxygen sensor is melted would the check engine light come on because of that?
I have a 1992 Pontiac Bonneville 3.8 Supercharged. When the mass air flow sensor is plugged in the cars RPMs surges when it idles. If I unplug the MAFS the RPMs raise to about 1,000 rpm. I put a brand new TPS and IACV on it.
I have a ‘98 Mercury Mountaineer with a 4.0 SOHC and we have had a problem with it dying at red lights and stop signs.
I have some questions about R-134 air conditioning systems.
I have a 1998 Chevy K1500 with a 5.7L Vortec.
I have a 1995 Ford Ranger and the windshield wipers come on sometimes by themselves. Also, the interior light takes forever to go off (and gets extremely hot). We took the bulbs out because we were afraid it would catch on fire.
I have a 1998 Suburban with a 5.7 liter engine. When the engine light is on it runs real smooth but when it goes off the engine shakes and it feels like its missing. Fuel consumption is not affected in any way as far as I can tell.
If a "part" says it meets or exceeds OEM specs, but sells for 80 percent less, what does that say about the quality of the OEM part?
I have 1995 Ford Ranger with a 2.3-liter 4 cylinder engine. If I turn on the heat and brought a turkey with me to work, I'd have dinner ready by the time I got to work.
I have often wondered if it would be in the best interest of the consumer to have meters to log the hours that an engine is running, like those used in airplanes.
I have a 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ 4 cylinder and when it's idling or in neutral while driving, my RPMs run high, around 2,000-2,500. My gas mileage has become a joke and I have no idea what to do.
I have been working on a 1993 Saturn LS 1.9 DOHC, and it has a DTC of 26, QDM Failure.
I have a '98 Camaro with manual locks and windows. I want to install power locks and power windows. How much would a job like this cost? Would I have to do anything different as far as needing a different type of battery?
I have a 1998 Mercury Mystic, 2.0 DOHC. It will not start, it turns over but not fire up. Replaced crank position sensor, cam position sensor, coil pack, new plugs, stil no fire. What else can I do to get it to fire up?
I have a 2000 Ford Expedition with a SERVICE ENGINE LIGHT on. The code comes bask to the fuel mixture to lean. Should I suspect the lower oxygen sensor as being the cause?
I have a 1998 Chevrolet Camaro. When the car is running, I can take the key out of the ignition. I can also take it out when I turn the key backwards. Is this a bad problem?
I have a 2003 Chevy Blazer and the key will not come out of the ignition at times.
I have a 1991 Lexus LS400 and I have had nothing but suspension problems since I bought it last year.
I have a question about 100,000-mile platinum plugs. Are any of them for real?
I have a Mitsubishi 3000 GT (Base model). I just installed a new motor in it.
I have an Acura RSX. Why is it hard on the motor to be run hard while its still cold?
I'm thinking of buying a mom & pop independent auto parts store and would be interested in your take on this idea.
Is Cheaper Better?
I have a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS.
I have a 2007 Pontiac G6 with 34,000 miles. I keep up with the regular oil changes. At what point will it need a tune-up so I know for sure I am keeping my vehicle in tip-top condition?
Is the balance shaft assembly necessary in a 2.4 GM ecotech? Since it is chain-driven it should have no effect on the crankshaft balance. Would there be any horsepower gain from eliminating the balance shafts and adding an external oil pump?
Is too much air a bad thing on stock engines?
I have an '07 Mustang V6 with about 40,000 miles and I'm using 5-30 synthetic oil. At what mileage do I upgrade to a higher weight?
I have a 1983 Chevy S10. I have just recently put a Chevy small block 350 in
it. My problem is, is that my shocks and springs in the front do not
 support the wait of the motor.
I’ve had many customers asked me if the fuel filter had to be changed when doing a tune-up on a 95-08 Dodge pickup. Is it part of the fuel pump assembly and can it be serviced?
I recently just purchased a Chevrolet with over 150,000 miles on it. Is it possible for it to last as long as a Toyota or a Nissan, and what can I do to help it last that long?
It seems to never fail that a customer will bring in a reman starter and claim that it is bad.
I understand that we are an “auto parts ” company, but the customers tend to think that it should cater to both auto parts and plumbing / hardware.
I had a customer ask for "semi-chrome" polish. Anybody know if this stuff still exists and where to buy? It's been a long time since I've seen it around.
I have a 2004 Ford E350 with a V10 6.8L gas engine. I need a Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor.
I have a 2006 Corolla. I took it into shop and they said that my sway bar links in the rear were broken and my shocks in the back were leaking. How could I prevent that from happening in the future?
I have a ’99 mustang. I floor the gas and it gets a high RPM, but after a bit the heater will be blowing cold air. What could be the problem?
If It's Not A Good Time, Tell Us
I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix with a 3.8.
Is universal antifreeze really universal?
I had a customer come in and ask me about an injector problem he has been having for the past 70,000 miles.
I am an ASE Certified Parts Specialist (P1). I want to expand my abilities to include P2, P3 and possibly even the P4 in the future. I have a decent knowledge of Medium and Heavy Duty vehicles now, but I would like to gain more before I take the tests.
I had a customer buy diesel 911 and put 3 ounces of it in his '93 Blazer with a 4.3 gas engine. Will this product cause harm to his vehicle?
Is There Enough Pressure?
I Know Why, Mitch
I Tele You What: This Technology Will Rule
I May Have Written that P2 Question
I’ve Got Your Back
Ignition System Sales in a Changing Market
It's Either, Or...
Import Explosion
Information Overload
It's A Small, Big World After All
Inventory Management: The Quickest Wins the Race
Inconceivable! & Store Personnel At Trade Shows
It Takes Two
Is Anybody Listening?
It'S All About the Parts
Ignition, Charging System & Electrical Parts: Zapping Warranty Returns
It's Just Different
Import Insights: Delivering the Sale
Import Insights: Paper Catalogs vs. The Computer
Is The Aftermarket's Future Safe?
Internet Parts Ordering: A Tech's Opinion
Is it Time to Change Your Customers' Wipers?
Import Parts Sales: It's a Whole Different World!
It's a Solution, Not a Cost
It"s That Time of Year!
Ignition Blast Off
Improve Your Store Marketing
Is It the Real Mccoy?
It's Not a Dealer Item...It's Yours!
Is Your Store Safe from Viruses?
It's In Your Hands to be Car Care Aware
Ignite Your Sales
Industry Report: The Chassis Market

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