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Check Your Brain At The Door?

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How often do we hire people and ask them to check their brain at the door? Our industry has a habit of hiring people to come and work for us and then we dismiss the new ideas they bring to our organizations.  
We hire new team members to help energize us, and they can, if we take the time to listen.

We should learn to listen to a new employee’s experiences and embrace them. Too often, in filling a new employee with an organization’s knowledge, we shut down two-way communication. Obviously we cannot incorporate every idea that every employee has, however, we must consider their input. 

I follow the Four A’s: Attitude, Ambition, Ability and Accountability. It’s my inspirational slogan. 

In my opinion, all things start with Attitude. It is either good or bad. That choice is your own. 

Ambition: you either have it or you do not. Ability: with the right attitude and ambition you can earn and learn to have the ability.

Then there is Accountability. We are all accountable to someone. Accountability does not have to be to someone but can be to ourselves.

Our job as supervisors should be to inspire people and allow them to bring their brains to work.


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