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Flash: We're Delivering Auto Parts Faster Than Pizza
Mandy Aguilar remembers the days of zero deliveries to customers. The "you want it, come and get it before I close the door" business mindset was the norm back then; but, it was doomed to cease, he writes. more
If You're Sitting, Try Standing. If Standing, Do The Reverse.
I recently got a standing desk at work to alleviate almost-constant sitting at my desk. ("Standing desk" is almost a misnomer; it's more like a sitting/standing desk. I'll tell you why shortly.) more
The Mad Rush To Secure Mobile Apps In The Automotive Aftermarket
A detailed search of Apple's iOS app store for the term "auto parts" now yields more than 250 apps available for download for both iPhones and iPads. more
You Gotta Want It
Napolean Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" is as relevant today as it was nearly 70 years ago. more
Happy Birthday, Counterman
With its October 1983 inaugural issue, Counterman became the only publication dedicated to catering to the needs of automotive aftermarket parts professionals. more
Apps Like Wunderlist, Make Multitasking Just A Little Easier
Our computers multitask, our phones multitask, and so, just to keep up with the pace of the tech world today, we better become multitasking super humans. more
Succession Planning Is Harder Than It Sounds
Our own business actually had a succession plan, (we owned a five-store chain and one service center) and believe it or not, we did not execute our plan for nine years, until we felt the time was right. more
A Work-Around Is Not A Solution For Any Business
Watching this kind of inefficiency and knowing that I’ve tried to help them correct it, is maddening, to say the least. more
The Philosophy Of Problem-Solving
In developing the problem statement, we provide a precise and, most importantly, measurable description of the current state based on factual evidence that is free of opinion. more
An Interview With Henry Hippert Of Eastern Catalytic
Counterman recently asked Henry Hippert, executive sales director of Eastern Catalytic, to bring readers up to speed on rules and regulations regarding catalytic converters. more
Raymond Guffey III, The 2013 Counter Professional Of The Year
Raymond Guffey III becomes Counterman's 28th Counter Professional of the Year, sponsored by Affinia Group Inc., Raybestos Chassis and WIX Filters. more
Fan-tastical Tech
The 2013 World Series has made me realize something I suspected all along: The Internet is about people. What good is a blog without people who read it? more
Many Of Us Have The Talent To Bring More To An Organization
If you have ideas, present them. All they can say is no! more
Your Customer Should Be Responsible For Fixing The Problem?
I'm sorry, but if that's the way you're operating your business, you've got problems. more
Make Time For Education
So often, training is available to those who really and truly need it but they won't make the time or effort to show up. more
A Good Work Ethic Can Be Taught
Folks do not inherently set out to do a bad job. I honestly believe that. However, folks come to our little "parts world" and find that we do not have it as easy as they think. more

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