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Impeltronics Offers The Extendable Magnetic Flashlight

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LEWISBERRY, Pa. – Has a magnetic piece of metal ever been dropped in a hard to reach area? Impeltronics offers the ideal retrieval tool. Whether the customer is an auto mechanic, technician or someone active around the house or car, two tools come to mind for retrieving that dropped piece of metal. Those two tools are a flashlight and a telescoping magnet.

The featured Impeltronics product is an Extendable Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight. This product not only includes a flashlight but is also extendable and magnetic at both ends. This three-LED Flashlight shines bright and is packaged as a sturdy aluminum telescoping magnet that includes a strong stainless steel pocket clip. It is able to extend from a compact 6.75 inches to almost 22 inches.

Impeltronics offers its customers two tools packaged as one with one low price. This is a product that truly lends a hand. The customer gains a free hand by only needing to hold one tool. Stick the flashlight to a magnetic surface using the strong bottom magnet for completely hands-free directed light!

Impeltronics, a wholesale manufacturer of high quality high lumen LED Flashlights, offers everyone a “strategic advantage against the darkness." Whether you’re in search and rescue, hunting and fishing or in need of light and magnetism in any application, Impeltronics invites everyone to “Light the Way."

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