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ITM Offers The Uni-sensor Programmable TPMS System

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The ITM Uni-sensor is one of the first programmable TPMS systems providing 95 percent vehicle application coverage for domestic, Asian and European vehicles. Currently, there are more than 147 SKUs of OE TPMS sensor applications and the number continues to grow. Uni-sensor presents a programmable sensor that requires only a single programming tool (sensor AID) — the sensor AID tool is also a diagnostic/scan and re-trigger/relearn tool for your TPMS service needs.
The ultimate objective of Uni-sensor is to reduce tire dealers/mechanic shop’s inventory by more than 95 percent with just two SKUs (315MHz sensor and 433Mhz sensors available in both clamp-in or snap-in). This allows the flexibility at your stores rather than having to carry multiple sensors in stock or calling out for a "Hot Shot" delivery service from a local part store when a new TPMS sensor is required because you do not have the correct sensor in inventory.

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