With Auto Parts, It’s Still All About The People

For some strange reason, I seem to get energy from meeting other people. I have always told my kids that the three most important things are: Do your best, do the right thing and people are the most important part of life.

0 The Internet Has Turned Me Into A Chatterbox

“An online chatting fanatic, that is (although some of my friends will say I’ve always talked my behind off in the real world). What I mean is that I use online chatting a lot, and not just one platform,” writes Mandy Aguilar.

0 We’re Not Unlike NASCAR

When I arrived, I was immediately struck with the level of cleanliness and professionalism that permeated the operation. Organization and logical shop flow was very apparent. Each area was designated for a specific task and each area was spotless. And I am not talking shop spotless, I am talking surgical spotless. In fact, I could have been in an operating room. The only difference was team members were in team garb instead of scrubs.

0 What To Do When That A-Ha! Moment Strikes

I recently read about a restaurant in a major city that charges $150 per person in advance. Guests can print out their own tickets at home then wait in line at the restaurant. Everything is paid for in advance. So, why the disparities between how fast food has been run and what some fine dining restaurants are moving to?