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ACDelco Program Encourages Techs To Expand Skills

The ACDelco Technician Training Excellence Recognition Program launches this summer and will recognize technicians who complete additional training.

The program features more than 500 hours of ASE-aligned training that allows technicians to combine face-to-face learning with web-based courses.

0 Cabin Air Filters Serve A Dual Purpose

The cabin air filter is designed to do two things: to improve the quality of the air entering the passenger compartment through the heater and A/C system, and keep dirt, debris, bugs, leaves, etc. out of the HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) evaporator and heater core.

0 Gasket Removal Takes A Skilled Approach

Aluminum is much softer than cast iron and much easier to scratch, nick and gouge. Any imperfections that are left on the sealing surface of aluminum engine parts may prevent a new gasket from sealing properly, creating a potential path that may allow coolant, oil, vacuum or compression to leak.