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0 Turn, Turn, Turn: Selling and Diagnosing Automotive Aftermarket Brake Rotors

Recommending premium-quality components and encouraging proper installation can increase sales, and decrease your warranty returns. The vehicle owner will benefit from a better, longer-lasting product, and professional technicians will get fewer customer complaints, comebacks and labor claims. Taking the time to properly diagnose problems and perform the repair correctly is the mark of a professional service provider, but it is up to you as a parts specialist to help supply them with the products and services they need to succeed.

0 Don’t Overlook Aftermarket Auto Parts Sales Opportunities

Many people don’t realize how important good shocks and struts are for good handling, a smooth ride and even braking on rough roads. Today’s anti-lock brake systems and stability control systems can correct for a lot of problems, but worn shocks and struts is not one of them.