02 Ford Explorer GM

02 Ford Explorer Electrical Issues

Q: I have been told that my GEM is bad. My alarm system will go off, inside lights flicker on, door ajar light comes on just prior to when all this takes place. Could this module be the cause and if so, where would it be located.

A: Yes it could be the General Electronic Module. This diagnosis would require the Ford scan tool, STAR tester or WDS, to pinpoint the body code (B-series) and to try to reset it first before replacing it. There is also programming involved. The Ford antitheft system software is sometimes, on some models, split up among different modules, Instrument Cluster Module, GEM, PCM and others. It gets complicated if you don’t have Ford OEM information procedures and the scan tool.

Jim O’Neill
Chino Autotech Inc.

The GEM module controls the interior lights you describe, but the alarm and keyless entry functions are controlled by the central security module. The GEM is located behind the glove box, and the security module behind a trim panel on the right side of the cargo area. The two modules work together, so further diagnosis might be necessary to determine exactly where the fault may be. You may also want to check out the ignition switch, as the GEM relies partly on input regarding the position of the ignition switch for proper operation…

Thomas Dayton
JS Auto Supply
Jamestown, N.Y.


Yes. It’s a common problem among most Fords. It is under the dash.

Matthew Vaughn

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