AAPEX 2021: GSP Delivers Quality-Driven Performance

AAPEX 2021: GSP Delivers Quality-Driven Performance

GSP is one of the largest manufacturers for the global aftermarket.

With a workforce of more than 2,000 people, GSP is a global leader in the engineering, manufacturing and sales of five product lines: driveshafts, wheel bearings, strut mountings, control arms and shock absorbers.

“GSP is quality-driven performance,” explains Michael Ceritano, chief operating officer. “That’s our tagline. We live by that, day in and day out. We deliver a quality product, on time, to your door. We execute on that every single day. I’m very proud of the team and the job they’ve done in 2021, and we look forward to a fantastic 2022.”

This video is sponsored by GSP.

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