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Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance Announces Key Staff Realignment

Responsibilities for two key executives are redefined to address changes in the aftermarket customer base.


SAN ANTONIO, Texas – John Washbish, president and CEO of the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance, has announced significant changes in roles and responsibilities for two key members of his staff.
Jon Owens joined the Alliance in early 2010 as vice president of sales and market development, after being previously employed by Auto 7, Babcox Media and Timken. In his prior role with the Alliance, much of his time was allocated to managing the Alliance’s branded independent service center program (Certified Service Center). Effectively immediately, Owens will pass those responsibilities to a colleague and will dedicate 100 percent of his time and effort to managing, developing and growing the group’s multi-location service retailer business.
“By making service chain accounts Jon’s sole responsibility, we have focused the talents of one of our top executives on this critical market segment,” said Washbish. “The complex customer requirements and rate of growth in the service retail category demand a higher level of expertise and resource alignment than anything we’ve seen heretofore. Marketing, sales, IT and all group members will have to work in concert to meet customer expectations. Jon’s knowledge of the Alliance, years of experience, perspective and intimate market knowledge make him the right man for this job.”
Picking up responsibilities for the Certified Service Center program is Daniel Moroles, sales and marketing development manager. He will be charged with bolstering and expanding the program that is designed to support independent service centers.
“The Certified Service Center program is one of the core elements of our overall marketing effort,” said Washbish. “It is our longest-standing and most important customer relationship management program. Having worked closely with service centers over the years, Daniel has garnered frontline knowledge and a depth of understanding that only comes with experience. He is uniquely qualified to pick up on the good work Jon Owens has done.”
Moroles joined the Alliance in early 2011 in his current position. He grew up in a family owned auto parts store involved in every aspect of the business. After graduating college, he was employed in a variety of sales and management positions with Triad (Epicor) and CARQUEST.


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