AISIN Publishes Video On Water-Pump Timing-Belt Kits

AISIN Publishes Video On Water-Pump Timing-Belt Kits

AISIN Aftermarket has issued the latest installment in a series of AISIN University training videos.

In a continuing effort to best serve its vast network of customers and technicians, AISIN Aftermarket has issued the latest installment in a series of AISIN University training videos, featuring the AISIN water-pump timing-belt kit.

“The high-quality OE content in AISIN’s water-pump timing-belt kit is the reason why AISIN’s kits are unparalleled in the aftermarket,” the company said in a news release. “To further illustrate this, the video takes a deep dive into the features and characteristics of each OE component included in the AISIN kits.”

This video also celebrates a decade-plus partnership with a powerhouse of OE manufacturers, such as Koyo, MITSUBOSHI, NTN and NSK, whose OE-quality components work seamlessly with the AISIN water pump to deliver optimal cooling and timing performance, according to the company.

For further information on AISIN water-pump timing-belt kits and other AISIN product lines, visit or contact the company directly at [email protected].

Additional training videos can be found on AISIN Aftermarket’s official YouTube channel.

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