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Aisin Launches Video On Korean Water-Pump Timing-Belt Kits

In its ongoing efforts to provide quality training, AISIN Aftermarket has released its latest installation video on AISIN Korean water-pump timing-belt kits. 

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Designed with the automotive technician and the DIY market in mind, the video aims to address reported challenges related to the installation of these products.

Featuring AISIN kits TKK-002 and TKK-003 for Hyundai and Kia applications, the video highlights the correct positioning of the tensioner bearing, which, if installed improperly, can lead to catastrophic engine failure.

The video also shows the removal and installation process of the water pump and other components in the kit, providing detailed step-by-step instructions and valuable checkpoints along the way.

Additional training videos can also be found on AISIN Aftermarket’s official YouTube channel at AISIN Aftermarket – AWA.

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