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Akebono Adds 4 Part Numbers To ProAct Brake Line

The new part numbers add coverage for 2.5 million vehicles.


Akebono recently expanded it line of ProACT Ultra-Premium disc brake pads with four part numbers. The brake pads include premium 301 stainless steel hardware in the three kits that require abutment hardware.

A complete listing of Akebono applications for these parts and the rest of the product offering is available in Akebono’s new web catalog, available at or directly at

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The ProACT parts added above are for: Buick Envision (ACT1923); Honda CR-V (ACT2037); Hyundai Santa Fe and Santa Fe XL (ACT1816); and Kia Soul (ACT1397A).

All four of the parts add significant late-model coverage, to the line at a time when many will be approaching their first brake service. The parts are in stock at Akebono’s warehouse and available for shipment.

“Despite the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, we successfully completed the internal transition to the 192 new part numbers we added premium 301 stainless steel abutment hardware,” Akebono said in a news release. “Over the next few months, the remainder of our customers will finish their transition as the new product flows through the distribution network.”

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