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Alliance Welcomes Zalinsky Auto Parts

The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance announced the signing of its newest shareholder member: Chicago-based Zalinsky Auto Parts.


Owned and operated by Ray Zalinsky, the company brings more than 1,200 parts stores to the Alliance network. 

“The addition of Zalinsky Auto Parts to the Alliance is a natural fit,” said John R. Washbish, president and CEO of the Alliance. “In auto parts you’re either growing or dying; there ain’t no third direction. We’re thrilled to continue growing with this fine addition.”

Zalinsky, affectionately known nationwide as the “Auto Parts King,” said joining the Alliance was the right decision.

“The Alliance is a big family. They sell auto parts to the American working man and woman because that’s who they are and that’s who they care about!” Zalinsky said. 

Always the salesmen, he added: “America, if you need starters, spark plugs, ball joints, gaskets, camshafts, U-joints or rocker arms – anything that can be screwed or glued to that car or truck of yours – come see ole Ray. You want a guarantee? I’ve got a guarantee on every box.” As part of the agreement, the Alliance will become the sole independent distributor of the coveted Callahan brake-pad line, enhancing an already industry-leading national brand portfolio. 

“Holy shnikes! The Alliance is like a 10!” exclaimed Thomas Callahan III, president of Sandusky, Ohio-based Callahan Auto Parts, upon hearing the news of the partnership. “Our brake pads are really cool, and guaranteed at any Alliance location!”

“I have known these guys since the mid-1990s,” Washbish said of Zalinksy and Callahan. “Our stories are very similar. Our families have been in the industry for generations. I know what it is to be on the manufacturing side of things and on the distribution side. We trust each other. Everyone knows how to get a good look at a T-bone steak, but with Zalinsky and Callahan, we can take their word for it.”

The agreement took effect April 1. 

Washbish added the following comment: “If you haven’t yet realized this was an April Fool’s joke, then I’m happy to come over there and hit you on the head with a tack hammer, because how could you be in this fantastic industry and never have seen its greatest biopic? But seriously, after the crazy year we shared together in 2020, we thought it might be OK to share a laugh in 2021. We wish everyone in the automotive aftermarket a happy and healthy spring!”

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