An Aftermarket Solution For Memory Steer In Dodge/Ram Trucks

An Aftermarket Solution For Memory Steer In Dodge/Ram Trucks

Mevotech designed its TTX snap-in bearing from the ground up to address the challenges of memory steer on solid-axle applications.

Imagine that you’re driving along and you make a right turn, and after you straighten out the wheels, the vehicle wants to keep going to the right. 

Or you just made a left turn, and once you straighten it out, the vehicle pulls to the left instead of returning to the neutral center position.  

This is a very real condition known as “memory steer.”  It also can be characterized by a “steering-wander” effect, where it feels like you have to keep correcting the wheel as you drive. Typically, this binding is caused by an out-of-spec or improperly installed front-end suspension or steering component. 

Memory steer is particularly problematic on platforms with solid front axles, such as the Ford F-250 and F-350 with a Dana 60 axle, and the Dodge/Ram 2500 and 3500 with an AAM 9 1/4-inch front fixed axle. 

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