An Inexpensive Fix for the Dreaded Blown Head Gasket

An Inexpensive Fix for the Dreaded Blown Head Gasket

The summer heat puts added stress on an engine’s cooling system.

Summer is driving season, when millions of Americans hit the open road in their cars, trucks, SUVs, motorhomes and motorcycles on a quest for some much-needed recreation and leisure time. 

Unfortunately, summer also is blown head-gasket season!

The summer heat puts added stress on an engine’s cooling system, and it can be especially tough on classic cars and vehicles that are towing, hauling heavy loads or otherwise being pushed to their operating limits. Engine overheating is a common cause of a blown head gasket. If the engine gets too hot, the cylinder head can expand to the point that it crushes the head gasket, so it no longer seals like it’s supposed to. When this occurs, it provides a leak path for coolant and/or combustion gases, and that can spell big trouble for an engine.

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