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Arnott Introduces New Front Air Struts For 2007-’13 Mercedes-Benz S-Class And Mercedes-Benz CL-Class

Arnott Air Suspension Products recently introduced Arnott’s completely new (not remanufactured) air struts for the front right and front left side of the 2007-2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W221 Chassis) and CL-Class (W216 Chassis), both with AIRMATIC and 4MATIC.



Arnott Air Suspension Products recently introduced Arnott’s completely new (not remanufactured) air struts for the front right and front left side of the 2007-2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W221 Chassis) and CL-Class (W216 Chassis), both with AIRMATIC and 4MATIC.

The Arnott struts – AS-2852 (right) and AS-2853 (left) –feature a new custom-made and tuned twin-tube shock absorber designed to provide a responsive yet comfortable ride. The assemblies are built with a new ContiTech air bladder, new bump stop, new connector, new airline fitting and new heavy-duty crimping rings.

AS-2852 replaces OE part numbers:

  • 2213200538
  • 2213200038
  • 2213207413
  • 2213209813
  • 2213201838
  • 2213205213

AS-2853 replaces OE part numbers:

  • 2213200438
  • 2213205313
  • 2213201738
  • 221320173880
  • 221320043880

“Arnott-designed new struts are an excellent alternative for aging air suspension systems because they provide the luxury, comfort and auto leveling of air springs but replace the aging used stock shock with a completely new custom-valved shock designed to provide a great ride at a more affordable price,” the company said.


Each air strut retails for $749, and each is eligible for a $100 core rebate. The new air struts are backed by Arnott’s limited lifetime warranty.

Features include:

  • Custom-designed and valved new shock absorber
  • Resistor eliminates AIRMATIC dashboard warning lights
  • CNC-machined aluminum parts
  • Pre-assembled for easy installation

Arnott recommends replacing both OE front struts at the same time.

For Arnott’s complete 2017 Air Suspension Products Catalog, click here.

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