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ASA Hosts Auto Industry Discussion On Technology, Telematics Issues

Attendees stress importance of collaboration.


Automotive Service Association

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Automotive Service Association (ASA) hosted a roundtable discussion on Friday, Feb. 6, concerning the impact of emerging technologies – including telematics – on all sectors of the automotive industry.


Attending the meeting, held in Irving, Texas, were more than 60 individuals representing every segment of the automotive industry. Among the attendees were representatives of independent service and repair shops, parts manufacturers, parts distributors, information providers and original equipment manufacturers.

ASA Chairman Elect Donny Seyfer, who called the meeting, said the dialogue started at the ASA-sponsored NACE and CARS Expo held this past July in Detroit. “It’s important that we continue that conversation,” said Seyfer, “thus this meeting. And hopefully, the dialogue will continue, because these issues are obviously still evolving, and we believe communication is key.”

Seyfer said ASA is particularly interested in continuing the dialogue and working with aftermarket organizations and automakers to ensure independent automotive service and collision repair professionals continue to have access to the diagnostic and service information needed to repair today’s vehicles.


“Automakers recognize ASA’s leadership in facilitating this ongoing exchange between manufacturers and repair professionals,” said Wayne Weikel, director of state affairs for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. “Technology has made possible dramatic advancements in auto safety, dependability, clean-car innovation and fuel economy to benefit consumers, save lives and reduce environmental impact. At the same time, its adoption poses unique challenges across our industry.”

Ellen Glebermen, vice president and general counsel for Global Automakers, added, “Today’s meeting is the beginning of many discussions. Addressing the complex issues surrounding vehicle telematics is very important to ensure that the aftermarket continues to have access to the diagnostic and service information needed to repair today’s vehicles.”

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