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ASE P2 Test Prep

On November 7, parts professionals around the nation will put a pencil to paper to test their real-world knowledge of the parts business. Counterman presents this technical information, based exclusively on ASE’s P2 ‘task list,’ that should help you be more confident when testing day arrives.


You need to know quite a bit to be a parts professional.; you need to know volumes of information to be a good one.

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The ASE P2 Parts Certification test will be given on November 7 at testing centers all over the United States. To help prepare test takers for this upcoming round of tests, Counterman editors have prepared the following technical information based exclusively on the ASE P2 Task Lists provided directly from ASE.

We hope you read through this material and use other test preparation guides to help prepare you for the upcoming test.

Good luck!

Automatic Transmission
Cooling System
Driveline Components
Electrical System
Emission Controls
Engine Parts
Exhaust Parts
Fuel System
Heating, Ventilation and A/C
Ignition System
Manual Transmission
Miscellaneous Test Topics
Suspension and Steering Parts

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