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IA800 Intelligent ADAS Optical Positioning


Autel Video Heralds Release of IA800 Positioning System

The video shows the transformation of the Autel Standard ADAS Calibration Frame into a three-dimensional recognition system.


Autel US recently introduced the IA800 Intelligent ADAS Optical Positioning six-camera accessory package for use with its Standard ADAS Calibration frame.

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Autel also has released a video illustrating the new technology, which increases positioning accuracy and efficiency from this dynamic new system, according to the company.

The video demonstrates the transformation of the Autel Standard ADAS Calibration Frame into a three-dimensional recognition system as the IA800 cameras, now integrated into the user’s existing calibration frame, are enlisted to recognize the positioning targets attached and aligned to the vehicle, to calculate the current angle, distance and offset position of the frame to the vehicle.

The technician simply follows the onscreen instructions to move the frame or adjust its angle until the current values displayed on the tablet match those required. A green checkmark displays for each parameter once the required position values are achieved. Then the vehicle is ready for calibration.

With traditional mechanical instruments such as plumb bob, reflectors and rulers, this pre-calibration vehicle positing would take 40 minutes per vehicle, on average. With the IA800 system and standard calibration frame, positioning is completed in under one minute, according to the company.

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“The affordable accessory cost of the IA800, makes this an attractive option for shops that don’t want to buy a new calibration frame to take advantage of the new faster and easier positioning method,” Autel said in a news release.  

Contact your authorized Autel US distributor for information about purchasing the IA800 for your Standard ADAS Calibration Frame System.

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