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VIDEO: Belt-Tensioner Replacement

Sell the complete job up front.

VIDEO: Alignment Is Key

Poor alignment can cause premature wear, belt mistracking or rib skipping and more.

VIDEO: Mileage, Age And Conditions Matter For Belt Replacement

Always first diagnose why the belt needs to be replaced.

VIDEO: The Right Amount Of Torque For An Oil Change

When tightening the oil filter or drain plug, more torque does not mean a tighter seal.

VIDEO: Oil Filter Bypass Valves And Filter Capacity

When a system is in bypass, contaminants are not being filtered out of the oil.

VIDEO: Why Do Oil Filters Have Anti-Drain-Back Valves?

For spin-on filters, it’s a rubber-like membrane on the inner side of the can.

VIDEO: Clean The Fuel Tank Before Replacing The Pump

Sediment, rust and debris from the pump can get into the tank and kill the fuel pump.

VIDEO: Fuel Pump Level Sender Operation

How do modern gas gauges stay still when the gas in your tank moves around?

VIDEO: Letting A Cartridge Drain

A cartridge oil filter housing contains some of the most contaminated oil.

VIDEO: Installation Trick For Tough Cabin Air Filters

You will need zip ties and rubber bands.

VIDEO: Spark Plug Mistakes And Recovery

What sets apart a professional technician from an amateur?

Use Anti-Seize On Spark Plugs? VIDEO

Anti-seize can alter the tightening torque up to 20%, increasing the risk of breakage. This video is sponsored by Autolite.