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Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Transmission Treatment For Your Customers

“Your transmission is shot.” Of all the things that can go wrong with a customer’s vehicle, a transmission problem is often one of the most dreaded. That’s because the cost of a transmission rebuild or replacement can run up to $4,000. When faced with a bill this big, many owners of older vehicles decide to

Stop-Leak Products: Improve Sales and Customer Satisfaction Through Upselling

Convincing a customer to spend a few more dollars for a premium chemical stop-leak product can be a tough sell. But the benefits – for customers and your store – are worth it.

Winter Driving: Forgetting to Check Cooling System Can Leave Motorists Out in the Cold

Winter driving is downright dangerous if your cooling system isn’t up to the task.

The Case of The “ Mysterious Oil Consumption”

Vehicle Using Too Much Oil, But No Evidence of A Leak On The Ground The solution to this case is elementary, my dear Counterman. The culprit is usually extra oil leaking past the valve seals and burning in the combustion chamber. The most common perpetrator of vehicle oil consumption is valve seals that have shrunk,

Head Gasket Fix from Bar’s Leaks

Owners of vehicles with blown head gaskets used to have two choices: fork over $1,500 to $3,000 for a mechanical repair or kiss the car goodbye. It was an especially lousy choice because most blown head gaskets occur in older vehicles that are often worth less than the cost of the repair. All that changed