Blue Streak, Author at Counterman Magazine
Help Technicians Do The Job Right With Blue Streak® Blower Motor Resistor Kits

Technician: I need a blower motor resistor for this 2016 Ford F150 I’m working on. Counterperson: Would you like to replace the electrical connector with that? If this isn’t a question you’re currently asking your customers, it certainly is one that you should! As blower motors begin to weaken or are contaminated with debris, they

What’s Inside A Blue Streak® Ignition Coil?

Since 1934, Blue Streak® by Standard® has been known for quality and durability. The brand’s original products included points, condensers, caps and rotors, among others. Today, the Blue Streak® by Standard® brand is back with a new line of heavier-duty, longer-lasting ignition coils. To see what makes Blue Streak® ignition coils superior, here’s a visual