Brian Cruickshank, Author at Counterman Magazine
Exploring Life’s Market

My own life, even up to this point, has not been stationary, and so it goes. This will be my last column for Counterman magazine. I am moving on, choosing to take a different path in the market of life.

What About Telematics?

Although telematics might prove to be one of the most significant challenges that has ever faced the aftermarket, there are ways to deal with it.

Tech Talk: VIN Look Up — Decoding Parts Sales

There’s valuable information hidden within a vehicle’s VIN. Decoding it may mean the difference between the right — and wrong — parts.

Top 10 Distribution Distribution Influences 2007

This month, Counterman and Aftermarket News editors present their annual look at the top 10 issues that most impact aftermarket distribution.

Getting More Business

Chances are good that most of your customers would rather buy from you than the OE dealer. Are you giving them the right reasons?

Up is Up

Although the DIY market appears to be looking a little brighter, the commercial side of the business is where the real future growth will come.

Perception is Reality

How the public perceives the aftermarket impacts us all. Consider what happens when a motorist is told that his aftermarket repair shop can’t fix a problem.

It’s A Small, Big World After All

Despite all the growth and proliferation of major corporations on both sides of the counter, the automotive aftermarket is still a one-on-one relationship business.

An Essential Job

Readers can nominate a distribution pro for the annual Counter Professional of the Year Award right here at But hurry: The deadline is fast approaching!

Technology: Salvation or Curse?

Today’s aftermarket fights a constant battle to overcome business challenges. Technology is often the cause of — and nearly always to the solution to — these challenges.

Managing a Moving Target

The ever-increasing challenges of inventory management, customer connectivity, advancing technology and never-ending business and logistical demands have made cutting-edge store management systems a necessity for today’s successful distributor.

And Now for Some Good News

New stats from NADA show that the aftermarket just might be making progress in its attempt to regain ground on dealership parts and service.